Ninety Days of Odin

And so my lease has finally come due. Twenty years after my first *cough*it was twenty years ago, what oath?*cough* offer I made to Odin, he’s finally cashing in. I know this for various reasons, not the least of which being the pole-dancing Loki visit I had a month or so ago. So I Freya-d up an poured the old man a shot, lit Him a candle, and offered myself into his teaching for the next however long while. And at the end of our first discourse, He said that He wanted me to instigate and complete a “90 Days of Odin” event. “Ninety?” was my question. “Most Gods get a month. Thirty days.” “For you,” He said, “since you took so long… Ninety. Go.” Me: *sputter* But it’s summer! Green, growing things, warm sunny days, fun… Him: eyebrow. Me: *grumblegrumble* Fine.

Ninety days it is, folks. From now until Oct 3. I’m not going to post it all here. But if you haven’t seen anything about him in a while, poke me. Ya’ll get to help keep me on track.

I’ll start off with one of my favorite depictions of Odin–the Fabi-Odin. To this day, it still wigs out my good friend River. To each, their own.


15 thoughts on “Ninety Days of Odin

  1. Why is the top wolf snickering….?

    We seem to be on parallel tracks…20 years of avoiding, now He suddenly decides it’s time. Interesting. If I get any UPG I’ll let you know. So far I do know he’s a fan of Very. Good. Scotch.

    Is it just me or is the fact that he and Loki are blood brothers a sign that perhaps the two are significantly more intertwined than the lore might suggest, at first glance?

      • For Thought, there is Memory. For the Ravenous One, there is also the Greedy One. Odin likes pairing things. For Hvedthrungr the Roarer, there is Odin the Raging One. For Loptr the Air, there is Odin the Seer. For Odin, who in many ways sets us on the path toward Ragnarok by trying so hard to avoid it, there is Loki, who in many ways brings that path to its unavoidable conclusion.

        The lore names them as blood brothers, I would say they are two sides to the same coin. This is why the two cannot kill one another. It would have been Odin’s place to take vengeance for Baldur … but he can’t. Instead, it is Odin’s sons who must take vengeance: Vali kills Hod, and Thor takes the lead in handling Loki. Even at Ragnarok itself, it is a son of Loki that is fated to kill Odin (whose spear seems to have no effect on), and a son of Odin who avenges this death.

        Considering the gender-changing nature of Loki, I have sometimes wondered whether or not Odin and Loki may have bonded in more ways than simple blood-brotherhood might suggest. Another possibility is that Loki is another of Odin’s sons – one must here make the assumption that Farbauti is another of Odin’s names, one that isn’t so difficult in that Farbauti being the striker that touches the leaves (Laufey) is a direct reference to the lightning and storms, which is something very easily associated with Odin. This might also explain why Odin is reluctant to kill Loki’s children – they may in fact be Odin’s grandchildren. This would also explain why, in the end, it is Heimdall – a god who is not a child of Odin’s, but rather Njord’s (my own belief) – who must kill Loki.

      • Wow. Spent some time pondering this all, have you? 😉 Tons of deep thoughts; I don’t even know where to go with them all.
        I honestly don’t know enough about Odin yet to even stab a stab at any of that. I just think that anything having to do with Odin or Loki–much less *both* of them–is bound to be a lot more complex than it appears. Certainly there are a series of checks and balances going on between them, or else Odin would have killed or at least kicked him out of Asgard much sooner.

  2. Now THATS a picture of Odin!!!! I can hear the Odins people everywhere right clicking on it & saving as we speak, Ha! I cant save pics like this thought because my relationship to Odin is father/daughter so its gets creepy after a second of eye ogling Him lol. 🙂

  3. I’m almost halfway through my own three months of service to Odin, which was negotiated with River as intermediary. It’s interesting that He asked for roughly the same amount of time from both of us. Hail Odin! Hail Geri and Freki!

  4. Haha. I swear I want to just leave it at that-but I won’t.
    He’s my oldest God Friend, and though I don’t work with him often- or even run his current (like you) I love him and always will.
    This is going to be fun. Super Fun.

  5. Heh, Fabi-Odin. You know, when I first encountered that image I thought it was kind of weird cause I didn’t think Odin would look like that. (I’m not a Heathen nor do I serve Odin however I’ve always gotten vibes of a very serious person which, to me, don’t so much say ‘sexy dude with one eye and wolves’ as…I don’t know, something very severe-sounding.) You know 9 being a (maybe ‘the’) sacred number in heathen/northern traditions it’s not all that surprising that he chose 90 instead of 30. (Plus, sometimes, more is actually more.) Blessings.

    • Nods. I found, when I finally Googled “Odin” that he is perhaps the most often portrayed God. I like this one because I know so many Odin cheerleaders that I knew he had to have a sexy side as well. Personally, I’ve resonated with his portrayal by Thorskegga Thorn most often, and right now, I’d digging the replica of an Odin statue from the Birka dig that I got while in Sweden.

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