Love notes from Freya, July 9, 2015

Her: “Be soft and green, now; flexible and growing, not defensive and hard.” She sighs.  “There are many teams in this world, sweetheart. Life is a game played out on the world’s chessboard. Many allies are needed; many contracts have been made, broken, and shifted from one to another. There are contracts you entered into before you were born. There are contacts you will make after you are dead. These are important; you cannot get by without them, and I expressly forbid you to try to get by without them. Denying this will cause you pain, and you have received far too much of that already.” She turns away. Me: “Why? Why me? Why this?” Her, looking back over Her shoulder: “Why? Why? Because you are my daughter; you are part of family, my spirit. That is your life, for good or ill. And Life–Life is for the living.” She turns. “That is the only game We gods know to play.”

Random philosophy from my Lady. My apologies on the scant Love Notes recently. She’s been busy in my life doing deity shenanigans, and between my deity shenanigans, my boyfriend‘s deity shenanigans, and new friends‘ deity shenanigans, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed. And I’m currently not real pleased with my Lady; hence the tough talk today, likely. Yay for polytheism. *half-hearted pompom shake*

7 thoughts on “Love notes from Freya, July 9, 2015

    • Of *course* you feel like arguing with her. And when She–not me, SHE–starts actively making my life worse, for apparently no good reason, I give you the green light to go at Her for as long as you want. But admittedly much of this here is me pouting, and me having way too much intense, emotionally sensitive work coming at me from all sides these last few months. And there’s been some unexpectedly serious stuff going down all of a sudden, and She has not been pulling Her punches at all.

      It could be worse. *shrug* I could be getting laid into by Odin instead.

      • I mostly meant about the contracts signed before birth and after death. I call BS on that. Mostly because in a world where that wasn’t actually true, Tricksy Hobbitses would *totally* pretend that it was, because it’s easier to claim that someone signed a contract before they can remember than to come up with a compelling argument for why they’re right, or to admit when they’ve made a mistake. It really reads like the deity version of your mom’s “because I said so” routine, or “behave because Santa will give you no presents.”

        Or am I just totally jaded because I work with a deity who claims to have had a one-night stand with Tycho Brahe, and to have been partially responsible for his missing nose?

        But yes, if Freya actually makes your life worse for apparently no good reason, I volunteer to have a candle-light grumpy-face vigil in your honor in front of a picture of her.

  1. There are many things that need doing, and not enough people on the ground to do them. Of those that *are* on the ground, not all hear Them well. Of those that do hear, not all are willing. Of those willing, not all have the needed skills yet. Sometimes, the person who was supposed to do it… doesn’t. So then They pull strings and favors and call on allies to send someone else to do the darned thing, or teach someone how to do it. Perhaps not as well as the first one, but as best they can.

    No one has all the talents. No one can do everything. We do need allies, friends, and people to kick our butts. Sex is a convenient way to team people up to do a thing. Sometimes these two are not compatible. Sometimes they each have to ask their deity for Love Potion #9 to be able to do it. *squints upward.* Ahem. And when the deed is done, it’s time to let go and part ways. That can be harsh. *squints and shakes fist upward.*

    Not that I’d have any personal experience of this, of course…

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