Patheos Column–“Happily Heathen”

Who’s got a biweekly column at Patheos? THIS GIRL!

I’m to be on the Agora site on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. First article will go up this coming Friday. So much to say! Time to scour the blog for good posts to dust off and submit. Anybody have any posts or topics they’d like to see me cover first?

8 thoughts on “Patheos Column–“Happily Heathen”

  1. Wooohooo! Congratulations! I’ve considered approaching them but I don’t like the format and how slow it makes my browsers (but I still read some columns there). I think that it’s awesome that you got approached for it! I think the name is awesome too!

    • Thank you! I’m very excited. It seems that when the chance to lead the Facets of Freya ritual at Many Gods West was taken from me (finances), I was given this opportunity instead. And it starts on the same day as MWG! 🙂

      I do read a few columns there–John Beckett’s, for example–and the ads do annoy me. But still I’m glad to have such a public platform for Heathenry and my voice in it!

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