15 thoughts on “When to stop flailing?

  1. When I started to accept openly about changes. I started with Apollo, who lead me to Hades; while with Hades, he showed me Eros and then Aphrodite, Hades let Loki around; from Loki I met a number of Gods and Goddesses. From Freya to Frey to Odin to Thor. This is a completely new pantheon for myself, but I grew up with maybe a spirit/entity, maybe a God in disguise or so, that taught me, whom taught me a number of lessons…
    1.) Do not give your blood freely. Blood is Sacred, do not just sign up for anything or fall for being tricked by using my own blood for anything, even if it’s donations.
    2.) If I ever meet what humans/mortals call, “Demon,” never shake hands.
    3.) Never bow. You are not as “low” as you believe you are, so NEVER bow. (I asked, if I can at least courtesy? His facial expression read everything: -_-; “Do not make me repeat myself about this…”)
    Now, I see why I was first taught these three important lessons while growing up. There’s Blood Oaths and Blood Pacts with beings, shaking hands is like intercourse with a being for Demons (It’s similar guarantee to, “I will remember you for the rest of your existence!” And a bit more facts), and bowing to deities, beings, etc., it’s….Hm….almost frowned upon in Other Worlds, I believe? Anyway, I’ve never bowed yet, so I wouldn’t know.
    Flailing on the other hand, for myself, is how much “overwhelm” I gain as time passes. When I first met Hades, I flailed real badly comparing to when I met Apollo, Eros, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Dionysus, Loki, Odin, Freya, Frey, Thor, and others, but I think that was because I was beyond overwhelmed with the facts that I was in Hades’ Underworld, alone, Hades was closing distance fast, and Hades was asking me overwhelming things such as, “I remember you, do you remember me?” Ah. I flailed, badly, haha. : )

  2. Ha, I still haven’t stopped. I started out with Thor, then came Skadi. Wasn’t exactly expecting either of them but after a while it made more sense to me. Awhile later, Freya kind of randomly shows up. I am still kind of in shock even with how close I have gotten to Her.

  3. When I notice that I’m flailing just for the sake of flailing, I try to put a conscious stop to it. Like, what am I really trying to prove and to whom? Am I being resistant just to make some dipshit point? To whom? My own flailing is often just internal posturing; much flailing amounts to me simply not wanting to change or being afraid of change or not wanting to do something wrong and then suffering negative consequences. None of these anxieties have much substance, for one reason or another.

    That said, the feeling of uncertainty and the mental scrambling that happens when I’m confronted with new, unexpected information doesn’t exactly ever go away. It does become more familiar; over time I’ve learned my own rhythm with information integration and I know that I’ll relax into the newness before long.

  4. I’m still flailing. She’s still occasionally disappointed because of it. We still argue about things like beauty standards and feminine presentation and gender roles, she still gives me a “you know what I mean” when I overintellectualize things that I know in my heart to be true. I do it less nowadays, as the more I do it the closer I grow to Her.

    The more I let go, breathe, and trust in Her, the less I flail, and the better I float, or so I’ve discovered. YMMV

  5. i’m still at the flailing stage. they alternate between deciding it is adorable/cute and sternly telling me to control myself, depending on the situation. i’m not entirely sure how i feel about being told i’m adorable/cute when i flail. when i’m told to get a grip, however, i immediately work very hard to do so because there’s *something* important going on and i need to pay attention.

    like Laine, i tend to overthink things too. that’s gotten me into trouble several times as well. fortunately, however, they make allowances for the times when i literally can’t help it.

    but the flailing… i’m doing an impersonation of those wacky inflatable tube guys on a regular basis.95% of the time Loki is snickering at it because he knows that a huge amount of the flailing is i’m running in circles having a hard time grasping that something awesome is happening. he’s compared me to a chihuahua that is so excited it is vibrating when that happens. he may be right. >.>

  6. As the supposedly Hellenic guy that has found myself leaning more and more towards certain Heathen gods…uh, the flailing stops? Not much to add, but at least you aren’t flailing alone?

  7. I wasn’t expecting to end up with any God, and then Odin showed up . . . He seems to think I have a clue or two and can do what He wants me to, so I just try to flail *quietly* and hope He won’t notice. Ha!

  8. I keep thinking back on this and wondering if the flailing is a good thing. Or, at least in the case of Freyja, something she admires. Another Freyjaswoman told me, “She doesn’t want weak women, Laine. She *crushes* weak women. She wants to make you strong.”

    Strength can come from struggling, even if, like Kaa and Mowgli wrestling in the Jungle Book, the human always loses because of how small they are compared the the God. In both Mowgli’s case as well as ours the struggle against them can help us in other struggles, strengthen us and make us more flexible and cunning. In Gods who are interested in those who fall in battle like Odhinn and Freyja, it makes sense to train people who know how to wrestle with a deity.

    Then again, sometimes I’m just being stubborn, and I get the feeling She knows it, and puts Her foot down.

    • I get what you’re saying here. I think our struggles–both with Then and the work they put us to and in our life in general–all make us stronger. And adherents and priest/esses who sit at home having no adventures or struggles are unlikely to be able to connect with and help others. Just my two cents.

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