Gods-matchmaking, July 2015

Busy, busy, busy.

My apologies to all for not posting much recently. I blame this on 1) starting a new relationship (NRE, yay!); 2) my trip back to CA; and 3) starting a Patheos bi-weekly column (pretty much at the last minute). These are all good things–I can’t complain–but together they have commandeered all of the resources I have available. So, my #90DaysofOdin has slacked off quite a bit (though I still find myself talking about Him and defending Him pretty regularly, so I will count those days). And my other minor plans for world domination have also slacked off because, well, love. Love, people. Got to have your priorities straight.

So, the Gods have been busy. And are quite proud of themselves, if I do say so myself. Not sure if I mentioned it yet, but I’m now dating a Hel-boy. My own personal Hellion! He’s dedicated to Hela, and he works with all of the Jotunar, and he is very much an Underworld, death-and-chaos kind of guy. (Not exactly who I had planned on hooking up with when I wrote my “Finding a Perfect Match for Freya” post almost a year ago, but then again, when have I ever been right about these things? The more polytheist I’ve gotten, the less accurate I’ve gotten in my  ability to predict what’s going actually going to happen in any given situation. It sounds odd, but it’s true.) And you know what? It works, really well actually. Life and Death. Vanir and Jotun. My current joke is that I did what all Vanir in good standing do, which is to  go and get myself a mate from Jotunheim. 😉 It’s also clearly a Gods-made match–Freya, Freyr, Odin, Loki, and, of course, Hela–all being directly involved it and invested in its outcome. Considering my last major relationship was *also* a Godsmatch, though, this has me just a bit wary, to put it mildly.

Ever since I landed back in the Bay last week, though, I’ve received nothing but advice, well-wishes, and predictions from all the Gods. All. The. Gods. In addition to my usual visits and shenanigans, the spiritual work this week has gone something like this:

Sunday: Apollo/tarot reading: Unblock your head; also, tons of love and prosperity! Also, Sunday: The Matronae: we hope you like the one We sent! And take care of your finances.

Monday: Him: Hela and Loki have lots to say. Also, She likes you. No, really. Also on my side on Monday: Freya: You’re welcome! Love money sex! Freyr: But you also love Me! And, love money fertility. Odin: *cackle* You’re so Odinnic, you don’t even know. All Three: Just deal, you’re stuck the three of us indefinitely! 🙂

Tuesday: The Matronae: We’ve heard your wishes! And passed them on to Freya! Freya: 1. Gives Hel-boy relationship advice. 2. Gives Freyr relationship advice. 3. Gives money suggestions.

Today: Hel-boy and I hash out the various messages we’ve been getting on all fronts, and they are all saying the same thing.

Like, down to a nitty-gritty, Twilight-Zone-ish detail. It’s a tad off-putting; or it would be, if it all wasn’t so positive and supportive. Assuming this relationship doesn’t crash and burn horribly in a few months (or a year, or five years), I will actually look back on this and think that it’s really cool. Who knows? We shall see. I’m just trying to be adultier about it all and take it one day at a time. (And you know what? Freya had a lot to say about that attitude, too. It’s almost like She knows me, and has Opinions.)

And my trip is less than half over. Who knows what more shenanigans await?

13 thoughts on “Gods-matchmaking, July 2015

  1. Hahaha – Just for the record I was driving in the car with Erik on Saturday, and Odin was singing to me about you. In the En Vogue tune of My Lovin’ (you’re Never Gonna Get It)
    “O Ooooodin’s gonna get her
    yea really gonna get her
    O Ooooodin’s gonna get her.”

      • Yes seriously, I even commented to Erik about it at the time. I can’t quite remember what we were talking about, but Odin’s little insertion felt appropriate. He pops in and out for me, but his energy is very distinctive. I feel like he’s watching with amusement, but who, or what, or why I just can’t tell yet. I *think* he’s here to help me communicate somehow.

  2. Freya takes no shit from anyone, her passion cannot be refused. Hela, on the other hand… well, a different kind of alpha female. You can rant all you want, she’ll just sit there quietly and then say “No.” And that’s that. No fighting, no arguing. Seems like the sort that could stand with Freya without unnecessary drama. It’s true the Vanir do seem to get themselves Jotnar spouses. 🙂

    I hail the unlikely union!
    With Lofn’s blessing…

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