The only time She ever hurt me was when She left

Though it may not seem like it, I don’t like to complain much on the blog. I’ll whine, yes; and go “WTF have They done to me now??” for a bit, but I think for the most part I’m very supportive: “Yay Gods! They are great! Believe in Them! Trust Them!” Many times I feel like I’m a polytheist cheerleader.

But the truth is, there are a lot of negatives to being a tiny human working so closely with really big entities. And what my goddess gives, She can also take away.

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“Spellbound” by Eivør Pálsdóttir

You’re welcome. (FYI, apparently the statue in the background is the “seal woman of Mikladalur”, Faroe Islands.)



Trøllabundin eri eg eri eg
Galdramaður festi meg festi meg
Trøllabundin djúpt í míni sál í míni sál
Í hjartanum logar brennandi bál brennandi bál

Trøllabundin eri eg eri eg
Galdramaður festi meg festi meg
Trøllabundin inn í hjartarót í hjartarót
Eyga mítt festist har ið galdramaður stóð


Spellbound I am, I am
The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me
Spellbound deep in my soul, in my soul
In my heart burns a sizzling fire, a sizzling fire

Spellbound I am, I am
The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me
Spellbound in my heart’s root, my heart’s root
My eyes gaze to where the wizard stood

For Ariadne

And may I just say that I love Thenea Pantera’s poetry. If I could write anything as half as enticing and evocative as this for /my/ Lady, I’d consider my job well done.

Magick From Scratch

Rise, O Ariadne, from your couch
Rise and be seen
From between the tangled writhing limbs
From behind the curling vines
Come, O Ariadne, and incline to my prayer:

Breeze alighting on flushed skin
Water chasing wine’s sting
A quiet corner amid the orgiastic rites
Raise a hand to stay the Bacchic Ones
And be present, Ariadne

Clever, pensive, brilliant
Never dainty, never perfect
Nor golden haired ever were you
A princess who threw her crown to the stars
Forsaking power for love
Forsaking wealth for freedom

You have closed the eyes of the dread-dancer, now
She is sleeping:
Twice struck by Perseus
By spear that pierced the wedding gown
By dread gorgon’s gaze
And rose from deepest hell
To lay aside battle-dance
For more tender things
Yet your vivacious limbs
Have never forgotten their skill

Hail to Ariadne
The Lady of the Labyrinth
Keeper of the Sacral Knot

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Many Gods West – Sunday Afternoon

Ember Cooke’s write-up of her Freya intensive at Many Gods West. A great substitution for when the rest of us had to pull out on the Facets of Freya ritual.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Finding Freyja – Ember Cooke

By all accounts, my Finding Freyja ritual went quite well. I had a good dozen or so attendees. Several expressed to me that the ritual was just exactly what they needed.

That Lon was going to help me with the ritual was planned well in advance. Even when the ritual was going to be 4+ Freyja priestesses led by Cara Freyasdaughter, plus an MC, and a couple of warders, Lon was going to be the MC for us. But the other 3 Freyja priestesses and both possible warders had to bow out. So when I offered to run a different Freyja ritual in its place, I wasn’t sure exactly how many hands I’d have.

Even in the week heading into the event itself, there was another Freyjaswoman who wanted to help me that I would have welcomed, but she too had to bow out…

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Sun Mirror Meditation


The Druid's Well

CIChmMjXAAAIKnkI thought it might be interesting to share some of my own personal visualizations from the Sun Mirror meditation that I’ve been doing in the past few months. The uses I found for the mirror have been a curious combination of healing, charging/energizing, and prophecy. I’m not quite sure how that last bit is going to work out long term, but we’ll see. For now, just some thoughts and images that have skated through my mind while using this technique.

Beli Mawr, ignite my passion. This is the Root, the hard bones of the earth, and the flesh of the soil and falling leaves. It needs to be solid but still able to flow, to convey blood and sap to the whole. The Root dwells in darkness, hot red warmth that seethes beneath the surface.  It is the strength of the Land, the cup that holds the healing waters.

Beli Mawr, inflame my heart. The…

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Who is Queen here, anyway?

Also known as, everything looks better the day after.

Ever have that experience where the Gods put you in situations just to get a reaction out of you? (Granted, the reaction they are going for may be “growth”, but still. Poke the bear until they finally do what you want them to.)

Since posting about the “irreconcilable differences” between Freya, Loki, myself, and my guy, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback. It’s been great to hear other peoples’ stories of having gone through something similar with their gods, or who have seen similar issues between Freya and Loki in the past. It was kind of unusual, actually, that I posted about the drama on the blog. Normally I would have bitched about it to a few close friends and left it at that. But I gut checked before I posted, and got a green light, so… I posted. And like I said, I got quite a bit out of support and knowledge in doing so. (The Gods work in a multiplicity of ways; I can’t say for certain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this reaction was one of their side goals from this incident.)

In any event, I can now say with some certainly that I know what Freya’s goal was for me out of all of this. I had to accept my role as Queen.

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Follow-up: Amber cloud

Just an update for folks who offered support: I appreciated it a whole bunch. Didn’t realize it would strike a nerve with so many.

The good news is that for the most part it has resolved itself. I’ve got an exceedingly busy week at the #dayjob, but I’ll definitely be writing it up later.

The amber-colored cloud has fallen.

So, it appears that I have been in a bit of an amber-colored cloud. A two-year-long amber-colored cloud. It began right before I started my initiation work with Freya, and lasted until….well, this evening, when she decided that my boyfriend was “not good enough for me,” and proceeded to tell him all of the reasons why. *headdesk*

Now, I have  loved Freya pretty much since I found out She existed, yes, but the really heavy NRE did not hit in until my initiation. I have been happily riding high on it for a while now. I didn’t notice it so much earlier because how could anyone not love Freya? Everyone loves Freya! She is wonderful! And for the most part, everyone does love Freya–Gods and humans and jotuns alike. She’s just so lovable–goddess of beauty, love, sex, gold, etc., and all. I’ve come across a very few people who were scared (or at least, very wary) of Her, but never anyone that didn’t actually like Her. And I’ve also rarely gotten an ill response from her towards most people. But my boyfriend? She is not a fan. Ironic, because everyone else seems to like him, and She’s the one who threw us together and has been cheerleading at us from the sidelines.

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