Travels, July 2015–continued

And my travels continue apace. Because I was unable to attend Many Gods West, I was able to attend a friend’s campout in CA. There was much food, high-quality liquor, skinny-dipping, sun-bathing, and meditating in the redwood forests of the Sierra Nevada foothills. (In other words, it was a lovely Vanic event.) I even saw two brown hawks snatching up their prey up-close-and personal, which was cool and unusual. (Usually all we see are turkey vultures.) The main downsides to the trip were that my Hellion was not able to be there with me, and I was sad about missing MGW. The camping trip was a great distraction, though. 🙂 And, I did get some Gods work in–I had a lovely visit with Freyr in the woods, which I’ll write up a bit later. Perhaps this was the best way to get some one-on-one time with Freyr. I prefer to meet each God in his or her natural habitat, and unfortunately a hotel is not Freyr’s natural habitat.

Freyr deb's burnt offeringsOne of my favorite representations of Freyr, by Deb at Deb’s Burt Offerings.

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