Happily Heathen: My Journey to Devotional Polytheism

My newest post at Patheos’ Agora Column is up!

My Journey to Devotional Polytheism–The path I took from Christianity to Devotional Polytheism was guided by a need for direct interaction with deity and a desire to connect more with my ancestry. Heathenry gave me both. #WhyIAmHappilyHeathen


5 thoughts on “Happily Heathen: My Journey to Devotional Polytheism

  1. “But neither Pagan nor Heathen equal Polytheist, a distinction which, until fairly recently, I honestly hadn’t able to wrap my mind around. All I knew was that I had spent many years being Pagan (I consider “Heathenry” to be a subset of “Pagan”) wondering why most Pagans I knew put such an emphasis on spells and magick. While I was an Eclectic Wiccan, I enjoyed learning about the various uses of candles, herbs, stones, and Kabalistic correspondences, but it never felt like most books or classes or even rituals addressed what, to me, were the most important issues: who the Gods are; what we believe about them; how to honor Them appropriately; and how to experience them directly.

    To me, that was always the entire point: this is a religious choice, and I want to interact with the divine. ”

    (I don’t even have anything to add, but you’ve just articulated this exact profound bafflement I have in the most satisfying way)

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