Many Gods West – Sunday Afternoon

Ember Cooke’s write-up of her Freya intensive at Many Gods West. A great substitution for when the rest of us had to pull out on the Facets of Freya ritual.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Finding Freyja – Ember Cooke

By all accounts, my Finding Freyja ritual went quite well. I had a good dozen or so attendees. Several expressed to me that the ritual was just exactly what they needed.

That Lon was going to help me with the ritual was planned well in advance. Even when the ritual was going to be 4+ Freyja priestesses led by Cara Freyasdaughter, plus an MC, and a couple of warders, Lon was going to be the MC for us. But the other 3 Freyja priestesses and both possible warders had to bow out. So when I offered to run a different Freyja ritual in its place, I wasn’t sure exactly how many hands I’d have.

Even in the week heading into the event itself, there was another Freyjaswoman who wanted to help me that I would have welcomed, but she too had to bow out…

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One thought on “Many Gods West – Sunday Afternoon

  1. An exhausting one, though. I don’t know if the Facets ritual would have been any less so, but I suspect it would have been if only because of the shared load.


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