For Ariadne

And may I just say that I love Thenea Pantera’s poetry. If I could write anything as half as enticing and evocative as this for /my/ Lady, I’d consider my job well done.

Magick From Scratch

Rise, O Ariadne, from your couch
Rise and be seen
From between the tangled writhing limbs
From behind the curling vines
Come, O Ariadne, and incline to my prayer:

Breeze alighting on flushed skin
Water chasing wine’s sting
A quiet corner amid the orgiastic rites
Raise a hand to stay the Bacchic Ones
And be present, Ariadne

Clever, pensive, brilliant
Never dainty, never perfect
Nor golden haired ever were you
A princess who threw her crown to the stars
Forsaking power for love
Forsaking wealth for freedom

You have closed the eyes of the dread-dancer, now
She is sleeping:
Twice struck by Perseus
By spear that pierced the wedding gown
By dread gorgon’s gaze
And rose from deepest hell
To lay aside battle-dance
For more tender things
Yet your vivacious limbs
Have never forgotten their skill

Hail to Ariadne
The Lady of the Labyrinth
Keeper of the Sacral Knot

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