Patheos: The Blot’s the Thing

My newest post is up at Patheos: “The Blot’s the Thing”.

This time I discuss why we need to have the practice part of Asatru and not just the scholarship. Our religion needs to be lived if we want it to be satisfying. We can’t just research it and analyze it and theologize about it. If we do that too much, we cut out our connection with the Gods as they are here and now.

2 thoughts on “Patheos: The Blot’s the Thing

  1. i think your article at Pathoes is excellent. i posted a link to it and recommended it, as well as your blog. because you always have really interesting things you share. and you always post with so much vibrancy and life in your writing, it really would be a shame for people to miss the experience of reading it.

    TL:DR – your post was awesome. your writing is awesome. i linked to your work because it is too awesome not to share. ❤

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