Weekly Round-Up (9/27/15)

Time for my weekly round-up, in which I get to play “But why am I so tired?” This is why I am so tired:

Saturday: Day-long commitment for my 12-step program.
Sunday & Monday: Prepped first “Intro to Heathenry” class; started several Patheos posts
Tuesday: Co-led “Intro to Heathenry” class, with my Rokkatru BF. (Missed my weekly program meeting to do so. Bah, scheduling.)
Wednesday: Rehearsal for my ADF grove’s Mabon ritual
Thursday: Wrote and submitted entirely new Patheos column (revise, edit, add pics, etc.) Also, libated every single one of the gods, ancestors, and landvaettir that I work with. (This includes three altars, 5 different kinds of booze, several trees, and 10 or so shot glasses)
Friday: Was swept off my feet and taken to a lovely sushi dinner by the BF
Saturday: Slept a lot. Also spent some more time with the BF watching the newest Doctor Who episode (BF, yay!; Dr. Who, eh.)
Sunday: ADF ritual: Rehearsal, set up, long ritual, tear down, and chatting afterwards. Came home and crashed. Finally caught up on this week’s Project Runway. (neat leather corset and jacket!)

…Plus, a 45-hour #dayjob work week, cramps, and a headcold.

<Start rant> I also had to make the call re: Samhain as to whether to attend another program commitment or be a part of my ADF group’s Samhain event, because I was not going to try to pull another insane weekend like I did last year (which involved me representing my group at an weekend conference during the day in one area and then driving back and forth from Samhain events (1.5 hours away) every night. Not. Gonna Happen. My sponsor made a strong case, and so I’ll be attending my program event that weekend instead of the Samhain ritual. Why so many big program events are always scheduled in mid-to-late October, I will never understand.)

I had desperately hoped that somehow with my move to the Midwest–new people, new commitments, etc–that I wouldn’t run up against these kind of program vs pagan conflicts nearly as much, but that does not appear to have been the case. It makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my head each time I have to make that call again, because these both are communities in which I have long-term responsibilities, so no matter which call I make, it always ends up being half-assed. I am so sick of it again that I could scream. (“Flames! Flames…on the side of my face…”) <end rant>

But I digress. All things went as smoothly as I could have asked for this week. So while I can whine a bit, I can’t actually complain.

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