Freya returns, for a bit

And then there’s that moment when She appears out of nowhere, as if She never left, and She blesses me with inspiration and compassion, opportunities and respect. And when I come back home, the house smells of fresh, fragrant roses (not dinner, or burnt popcorn).

Good to have you back, my Lady, if only for a moment. 😉

Freya gold collar

A note on this pic: The gold collar Freya is wearing here is an exact replica of the Färjestad collar I saw when I was in Stockholm at the Historiska Museet (Swedish History Museum).

8 thoughts on “Freya returns, for a bit

  1. That’s amazing! I told you about how Isis came back in out of nowhere briefly – it’s like stepping into air conditioning on a blazing hot day. She left again, but the reminder that I am not forsaken or forgotten was what I needed.

    I’m glad that She did this for you. Also, I *love* that picture. Jim the Odinsman (James Hodur) was the first person to show it to me and it resonates well… it looks like how I’ve seen her many times before in meditation.

    Anyway, I’m glad that she showed up again, even if only briefly! This calls for celebration!

  2. I remember-ish a story from the Tibetan tradition.

    There was a yogi in a cave that was chanting to, I think, Avalokiteśvara(a figure of great compassion and power).

    He started chanting, purifying, and practicing and after years and years* he finally saw Avalokiteśvara.

    The yogi asked why, if the bodhisattva was so compassionate, he didn’t come sooner. Avalokiteśvara responded that he came at the very first mantra that was said. The problem was that the yogi did not have enough skill to see him.

    Quite possibly Freya was here all along and you just weren’t quite able to see her due to life circumstances and the like.

    *Part of the Tibetan religious culture is very big numbers. Millions of mantras, years of practice, and so forth.

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