3 thoughts on “New post at “A Community of Gods Surround Me”

  1. looks great, I look forward to seeing it fleshed out. I would especially like to know how you view Frigg – I’m sure you are aware that there are quite a few people who believe Frigg and Freyja are different faces of the same Goddess. What is your perspective on this? Apologies if I should have posted this on your new blog!

    • Hi Sentiafigula,
      Thanks 🙂 I am definitely not one of those who see Frigga and Freya as the same goddess. People have very strong opinions about this, and I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against it. Personally, for me it comes down to experience. I experience Frigga very differently than Freya. To me, Freya is fiery, passionate, emotional, powerful. Frigga is just as powerful, but much more restrained and calm.

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