30 Days for Njord

Njord--Sea captain painting


For a while now, I’ve been getting a similar message from Njord, over and over again: He is the God of Prosperity. He gives gifts. Gifts and prosperity should flow; they should not be hoarded, either by me or you. Perhaps this is the key to prosperity, after all–letting money come and go, not being miserly; being open to money going out as well as coming in, for it does us no good locked away somewhere. It’s a lesson I’m definitely struggling with, several months into unemployment.

My most recent missive from Njord had me set up a project somewhat similar to the Love Notes from Freya, but in this case it’s more like “Money Notes from Njord.” I don’t think the messages will be channeled per se; they may just contain info and images of Njord, or articles about finances and how to bring wealth into your life. As with most everything in my spiritual life, we shall see how it goes.

So, today is Day 1 of Njord.

Above is the picture I use on my altar to represent Njord. It’s not labeled as “Njord”; it’s just an old-fashioned painting of a nameless sea captain. (I don’t even know the painter or the year, unfortunately).

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