30 Days for Njord, Day 7

A few weeks back, a friend who is running a Trance Class gave the class their first chance to attempt trancing a deity. A few of us had dialed in and were participating online, but most people were there in person. I hadn’t expected to trance Freya–while I have a lot of experience acting as Her medium, She and I haven’t been close in that way for a while. However, apparently She had some people to talk to and messages that needed to be passed on. So that’s what I did.

Money and prosperity is a common theme when speaking with the Vanir, and this was no exception. The lesson I learned that night was that though each of the Vanir have a tie to bringing money and prosperity, each goes about it in a slightly different way.

For Njord–Njord is the one who helps to “bring your ship in”–be it a job, an inheritance, money owed to you, or a good opportunity to make money. He’s like a sale rep. He goes out and brings back leads and contact info. A point that Freya made here was that if He knows specifically what you are looking for, it makes His job considerably easier. Otherwise he’ll keep throwing random things in your path and hope one of them is useful.

For Freyr–Freyr is the banker of the Vanir. He protects your investments and helps them to grow in a steady, safe way. He tends them the same way He tends His fields and He tends his followers. He is the Sacred, Sacrificial King–he will do whatever it takes to make sure his people survive; and he plans ahead for contingencies.

For Freya–Simply put, Freya is the attractor. She literally pulls money and valuables to Her (and you). Freya is all about gifts from out of the blue, with people, both good friends and mere acquaintances, unexpectedly buying you or giving you things. A down side to this energy is that you can end up with an imbalance of power in regards to gift-giving within relationships. Remember, a gift begets a gift. And a gift that you get may actually be something that the giver cannot afford to give away, or will receive a serious repercussion for. Best to make all of these things explicitly clear with the Lady when you ask her for help with the finances.

Hopefully this helps. I find that going to the best deity/power for the job makes everyone’s life a bit easier.

One thought on “30 Days for Njord, Day 7

  1. So this is old, but I wanted to say I find this really helpful. It makes sense they each would approach wealth inna different way.

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