30 Days for Njord, Day 10: A Visit

“Sweetie!” He says. “I’m so glad you came!”

He gives me a big hug and swings me around, like a warm, friendly, generous grandfather greeting his granddaughter. I’ve always felt like a Daddy’s Girl around Njord. I assume it’s because of my relationship with Freya.

When I visit Him, he’s always sitting at the docks in Noatun; chilling with the seagulls, boats, and lapping waves. He always is so excited to see me. He always has some little bauble to give me. He never has any admonishment for anything I’ve done, or how long it’s been since I visited. He’s always loving and kind. He’s kind of like the grandfather I always wished I had.

The Vanir are a great family. It’d be a shame to miss the less prominent gods just because they don’t have fancy spears or hammers.


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