30 Days for Njord, Day 15: Just in Time

So, I love my Gods, and They usually support me. However, sometimes they do it in some strange ways, and often at the very last second. (For example, I was only able to go to PantheaCon last year because my tax return arrived the day that I left.)

This month they also cut it close, but they are covering my expenses, which is the goal. As my unemployment just ended earlier this month, I was kind of stuck. Then, on the 1st I got into a car accident. Luckily I wasn’t at fault–some guy just wasn’t paying attention and plowed into me at a stop light. Not fast enough to do major damage, but certainly enough for me to have to file a report. It wasn’t a bad one as far as car accidents go–neither I nor the car were severely damaged–and while the timing of the accident was really bad, there were no long-term negative repercussions. Now, I haven’t been in a car accident in at least ten years, so this did seem kind of random.

After all was said and done, however, I was able to get a settlement to cover my expenses for this month. (Who knew car accidents could be lucrative?)

It gets better.The accident money will carry me over until my loan dispersal check for my first quarter of school comes through. (Granted, it’s a loan, but still.) Then yesterday, I verified that I am indeed allowed to open an unemployment claim with my current state of residence, as the one with my previous state of residence had run out. (Again, who knew? I’ve ever been in any of these situations before.)

So yes, my financial stresses have been assuaged for the next few months. Not the way that I’d expected, certainly–but hey, if it works, I’ll take it! Hail Njord! Hail the Vanir!

5 thoughts on “30 Days for Njord, Day 15: Just in Time

  1. I love your blogg. I share your intrest for Northern religion as I am Norwegian myself. Freya was my favorite before, but as I now have become a older lady (56) my intrest in Frigg, the mothergodess, is increasing. I am so glad I found your blogg. It is beautiful work you have done here.

  2. I used to work for my states unemployment program– my state has the harshest in the nation; Florida.

    A little bit of advice–
    Do not them know you are going to school, because then they’ll say you aren’t looking for work.

    Another thing, be careful what you say to anyone who works for that program, and take your time asking questions.

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