30 Days of Njord, Day 19: Jewelry

I love this great Njord bracelet made by Victoria S. In her own words:

This bracelet was initially conceived and created during a meeting of the Vanic Conspiracy. The charms on it include a Conch shell, an anchor, a sand dollar and a small tree. In addition, there are six small silver shells spread out through the amber, turquoise, silver, obsidian and quartz gemstones. The stones are selected to honor the nature and sea-orientation of Njord, and the charms and seashell beads are all directly linked to trade on the sea and to commerce.

I work with a lot of partners who come from outside of America, so the cross-sea commerce focus is key for me.


I think her connection between her work life and Njord’s gifts make a lot of sense. This bracelet also reminds me of a fishing net and all of the lovely things that can be caught in one. Perhaps the lesson here is to spread your net wide and see what treasures are out there to find. Sometimes you can catch valuable things unexpectedly.

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