Depictions of Freya in the Lore

I’ve just found the coolest post! The author lists many (if not all) of the places in the Lore where Freya is mentioned. I do love a good bit of scholarship (especially if I’m not the one doing it! I’m too busy as it is.)

4 thoughts on “Depictions of Freya in the Lore

  1. That’s really cool. Given how popular she seems to be I figured there would be more, but I guess she just resonates really well with people in general.

    • Yes, there’s really not much about Her, or the rest of the Goddesses, that’s survived to this day. We do know that she was an extremely popular goddess back in the day, though. Perhaps because she was a goddess of independent women and sex, she was repressed more thoroughly
      by the Christian church.

      • That would make sense. It makes me a teensy frustrated trying to get a better grasp on her, but I guess I’ll learn. Just feels like I’m a bit slow at it.

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