Misc. Update, February 2018

This past season has been tough. I’ve just finished up four months of working overtime, upwards of 40 hours OT per month. While this has been great for my bank account, it’s sucked up a  lot of time and energy that I could have been devoting to other things. Plus, with it being winter and Freyr down in the mound, SAD kicked in pretty strongly. Now, both Winter and the massive amount of OT are ending, and Freyr is back, so things are looking up.

I’ve been keeping up with my monthly blog at Huginn’s Heathen Hof, Modern Heathenry. I’ve also been a part of helping to grow a new Heathen group in the Chicago area, which has been a ton of fun even though their events are a bit of a drive to get to. I’ve also tried my hand at running a Trance Class, based primarily on Diana Paxson’s The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships. I’d taken Diana’s trance Class three times in the time that I was out in California, so I know her methods and opinions and the attendant benefits and pitfalls. I blessed with a good core group to work with, and we are working with Hellenic, Celtic, and Norse deities. It’s spiritually satisfying work, and a lot of fun. So, while I feel like I have been under a log for the last four months, I have actually been pretty busy.

This winter has also seen me working with Ullr while Freyr has been in the mound. He’s kind of like a “winter Freyr”, if you will: a hunter rather than a farmer; a god of the woods rather than a king surrounded by his community. My connection to the land in the winter is darker and starker than it is in the summer, and I feel that Ullr fits that energy well.

As I’ve started the Trance Class, I’ve been feeling the pull of the Hellenic deities that I used to work with–Hermes and Zeus, mainly. One of our class participants is dedicated to Poseidon, and though He’s never been one that I connected that strongly with, even on the West Coast, He’s bound to start popping up.

Finally, this is February was the first time in 17 years that I’ve missed PantheaCon. The last few years I had been very active, running rituals and, for the first time last year, a Hospitality Suite. However, one of the things I’ve tried to focus on since moving back to the Midwest is financial prudence, and I have a bad track record of being extremely sick at PCon, so I decided prudence was the better part of valor, at least for this year. It’s hit me really hard; which I expected, but that didn’t make it any less so. Fear of Missing Out, to the tenth degree, because I know exactly the type of things I’m missing. Hopefully this prudence will pay off later, though.

That’s about all there is to report. Now I’m off to finally see Black Panther, woot!