30 Days of Gerd, Day 8: The Skirnismal

(Yes, I’m skipping forward a bit.)

One of the workshops I love doing is an activity called Myth Embodiment. I have an entire section of the blog dedicated to it. Essentially, it involves a group of people “embodying” or re-enacting a myth, with all of the bits being portrayed–the deities, the scenery, the named objects. During the reenactment, we stop and each “character” gets a chance to give their pov of whatever event is taking place. It sparks some great discussions and helps really fill out less-well-known or less documented deities and myths. A few years ago, the Vanic Conspiracy did a myth embodiment for the Skirnismal, (“the Journey of Skirnir/Skirnir’s Story”). At the time, it helped me address some deep-seated issues I was having in working with Freyr, because at surface value this myth shows Freyr’s servant Skirnir forcing Gerd into marriage with Freyr using extremely creatively horrible threats. Our analysis is hosted on my blog here. My longer description and analysis of the myth from several different perspectives is available on Huginn’s Heathen Hof.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gerd, Day 8: The Skirnismal

  1. I think it’s interesting (and important) that you mention Frey’s gentleness and the metaphor of winter kind of needing to be coaxed into melting. It’s easy to take stories at face value even when, as myths, they need to be understood on a symbolic level as well.

    I think I remember hearing that women in Frey’s presence are incapable of being harmed, too. So I definitely understand Frey to be someone who’s good to (and for) women. His neediness and frustration with waiting never struck me as dysfunctional–it shows up all the time in long distance relationships, even when they’re extremely healthy ones. And, for a while, Freyr and Gerð are kind of in an LDR. Albeit, for nine days.

    I never really got a bad view of Freyr from the Skírnismál, just of Skírnir for being possibly the WORST wingman in the Nine Worlds, lol.

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