Election Day Self-Care

Tomorrow is Election Day for the USA. Those of us in the US have been dealing with an onslaught of–to put it gently–bad policy decisions, mostly targeted at the already powerless and disenfranchised among us, and many of us would like nothing more than to vote all of the politicians out of office. It’s a stressful day, because if nothing changes with these elections, we’re stuck with 1) evidence that the majority of the active voters don’t care about the BS that’s been happening in DC, and 2) increasingly less likelihood anything will get better until the next presidential election.

If tomorrow will be anything like 2016’s election day, many of us will spend it watching the election results like a hawk. While important, this is actually not helpful and only increases everyone’s anxiety. With this in mind, I’ve made a Self-Care Plan for surviving tomorrow.

Step 1: Vote, and send up a prayer to your Gods for your chosen politicians. That’s the only thing I, personally, can do tomorrow. (If you have more directly useful actions you can do in your area–such as protecting polling places or driving people to the polls–and have the skills to do them, do them!)

Step 2: Unplug, and put the election results out of your mind.

Here’s my plan: I’m lucky in that my work gives us the day off for election day. I plan to hit the local apple orchard for lunch with my parents, grab some fresh apple donuts and cider to go, and then go to dinner and a movie with my beau. If I have time, I plan to chat with my sister in California. A great day spent with people I love!

What will you do? Need some suggestions?

How about:

  • get together with friends and loved ones
  • cook
  • play with your animals
  • make art
  • game
  • Netflix and chill
  • garden
  • bowl
  • hit a spa
  • hike

Just do it.  The world will still be there on Wednesday no matter what happens. Rest and recharge as much as you can while you wait.

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