A trip through Vanaheim to Freya’s Hall: a guided meditation

(by Cara Freyasdaughter. Note: This is the introductory guided meditation from the Facets of Freya ritual I let at PantheaCon, 2015. Following this meditation, five different Facets of Freya were invoked and participants had a chance to speak with one of the facets.)

Today we will be visiting Vanaheim, the original home of the Vanir gods. Though Freya, Freyr, and Njord were given to Asgard as hostages to help end the Aesir/Vanir war, they each still maintain a hall in Vanaheim.

Sink down and relax.
Breathe in and out,
In and out.
Imagine that you are sinking your roots
deep into the earth,
to where the mountains have their roots.
Draw some of that earthy,
grounded energy back up into you.
Then, reach up into the starry night sky,
and draw down the light from those stars
Into you as well.
Blend these two energies within yourself and
Feel yourself grounded and centered.

Imagine that you look down
and see yourself standing in a flat, grassy plain.
The plain is in Vanaheim.

Here in Vanaheim,
the air feels warm and moist.
The ground is covered with soft, green grass,
ferns fully-extended,
and bright and fragrant flowers of many kinds.

Around the edges of the field,
we see the beginning of a lush mixed forest,
pine trees and redwoods; oak, alder, and birch;
all strong and healthy.
A clear, dirt path winds its way
across this field and into the forest.
We follow the path across the field and into the forest.

Soon after we enter the trees,
We notice that the path diverges.
To the left,  we see a fork winding toward Noatun,
the home of Freya’s father, Njord.
Though there are many trees
between here and there,
we can almost catch the scent of salt in the air
and hear the screeching calls of the seagulls.

We pause here for a moment to honor Njord,
and then we continue on our way.

As we walk further into the forest,
we see another fork in the road.
This fork veers to the right.
Down that road, the path is lined with

beautifully carved sandstone bricks.
This path looks clear and majestic;
and around the path we see groves of fruit and nut trees
interspersed with fields of ripe, golden grain.
Down this path lies the hall that Freyr,
Freya’s twin brother, owns.

We pause again for a moment, to honor Freyr
and we continue on.

Finally, the forest opens up
and we see a grand wooden Hall
in the middle of a wide clearing.
It is surrounded by fields of golden grain,
lush orchards,
and large, open pens
of sows and piglets grazing and sleeping nearby.
Around the Hall
a vibrant, colorful garden grows,
with flowers in full bloom.
This is Freya’s field, Folkvang,
and her hall, Sessrumnir.
We walk up to the door of the Hall
to wait for Freya to appear.

We have arrived at Freya’s Hall.
Breathe in and out, in and out,
and open your eyes.
You may stretch if you wish,
but please stay at your seats
as we call the Facets of Freya.



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