A whisper of hope for when the night is long

In your bed, you toss

wide awake–

Weeping, sighing

helplessly analyzing

your choices, in harrowing detail.

You. Yes, you.

Did you think that you were alone?

Unloved? Unlovable?

Stuck on the path that you trudge

spinning you wheels in fear?

Yeah. Me too.

Me, too.

But we are not alone, you and I;

My darkness may be different from yours.

Mine may suffocate, while yours shrieks.

Mine may sabotage, while yours seeks justice

in an unjust world.

The world isn’t just

but, luckily, neither is love.

Love does not know of

“good” or “bad”,

or if you’ve made mistakes

that can’t be fixed in the here and now.

Love does not care if you’re a Nobel laureate

or a high school dropout

or anything in between.

These things do not matter.

Do you exist? Then you are loved.

Love is not conditional; it just is.

So when you fear

and the night takes you

with every unseen horror that’s ever

stalked your heart


You are loved. You have always been loved.

Nothing you do will ever take that love away.

Seek out ones who know this already

and throw your lot in with them.

So, in time, you, too,

can reach out a hand

to those who are strangling

in the noose of their past,

present, and future–

soothe away her fears

and let him know

that they, too, will always be loved.

Cara Freyasdaughter, 2014

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