Freya Artwork

Freya gold collar        Freya_(1901)_by_Anders_Zorn

Freya. Artist: unknown.                                           Freya. Artist: unknown.

Freyja_by_DebsDen           Freya--Thorskegga Thorn

Freyja. Artist: Deb’s Den                                         Freya. Artist: Thorskegga Thorn 

Freya by UnripeHamaDryad

         Freya. Artist: UnripeHamaDryad

Freya and Svipdag              John_Bauer-Freja

Freya and Svipdag. Artist: John Bauer                                     Freya. Artist: John Bauer

Freya, herbs, lynx                                         Freya shield and spear

Artist: Kat Harpin                                                             Artist: Age of Empires (game)

Robin Wood Freya                                  Freya--black and white, cats, shield

Freya. Artist: Robin Wood                                        Artist: Jon Gehrls 84 and E. Ade. K. A.

      Larme d'Or--Tears of Gold                 Freya and Freyr in color

 “Larme d’Or”, or “Freya’s Tears”. Artist:  Anne Marie Zilberman        Freya and Freyr. Artist: Robert Pace

Rackham Freya                               Freya card

 Idunna/Freya. Artist: Arthur Rackham                       Artist: unknown

Freya and the Aesir            freya--JBL statues

The Lokasenna Artist: Lorenz Frølich, 1895.                   Artist: JBL Statues

Freya--naked with wings--Maris Pai                                  Freya--lounging

              Artist: Maris Pái                                Artist: unknown. (This artwork is actually the cover image for the book Archaeology & Celtic Myth, by John Waddell and is meant to represent Medb; to me, however, it is the quintessential depiction of Freya.)

Freya and Freyr riding             Freya--Mickie Mueller

Freya and Freyr. Artist: Donn P. Crane                                 Artist: Mickie Mueller

Freya--black and white, side view                        FREYA (of Christmas Past)

Artist: Carrie Westfall (?)                            Artist: unknown. From the “Il Chercio Della Luna” website

Freya gods--rainbow                                           freya

Descent of the Northern Gods in Midgard.                   Artist: James Doyle Penrose

Artist: B. Collingwood.

Misc Freya 1              Freya, Sarah-Louise Mitchell

                    Artist: Sharon McLeod                                          Artist: Sarah-Louise Mitchell

4 thoughts on “Freya Artwork

  1. Let me see if I can help dig out more of those artist credits for you…

    * The carving with Hagalaz Gebo HG is from this page: although it doesn’t look like they gave credit either to the original artist.

    * The Lokasenna line drawing is by Lorenz Frølich, which is credited in Wikimedia Commons as “Published in Gjellerup, Karl (1895). Den ældre Eddas Gudesange, page 185.” A version that doesn’t crop out the signature is available there:

    * The photograph of the woman with hawk wings is definitely by Maris Pái, who has more such images here:

    * The enthroned Freyja with the blue drape and incense has a signature in the bottom left, but I can’t make it out, and Google isn’t helping this time. ARGH.

    * The picture of Freyr and Freyja riding together is signed Donn P. Crane, which is more clearly visible in larger resolution versions available via Google Image Search.

    * The Line art helmeted Valkyrie with a shield and sword in a frame is listed on another page as (c) Carrie Westfall but I haven’t found confirmation of that.

    * Freyja with a chariot comes in a line art and shaded version, which seem to have different signatures. Jon Gehrls 84 and E. Ade. K. A. seem to be on the line art version. I can’t quite read the signature on the shaded version – J[mumble] K[mumble], but I suspect it’s based on the line art version. As far as I have ever been able to tell, both are out of copyright, being from the turn of the 20th century or so.

    * The Rainbow Bridge image Ukrainian credit is “B. Колінгвуд. «Зішестя північних богів у Мідгард»” which Google translates as “B. Collingwood. “Descent of the northern gods in Midgard”

    * The redhead freyja in the long pale golden dress and girdle is by James Doyle Penrose

    * Blue Freyja with the golden cup and knife is by Kat Harpin according to the Freyja shrine on Northern Paganism.

    * The Freyja with the feather cloak, shield and spear, is from a game… ah, here we go, Age of Empires Ref:

    * The round modern folk art Freyja is by Sharon McLeod, whose gallery shows it here:



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