Chants for Freya by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle

Two great chants for Freya are from Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle’s chants album, Songs for the Strengthening Sun:

“The Shining Twins”

Hail! To the Golden Ones.
Hail! To your Shining Brightness
Hail! To the earth below and the lands beyond our eyes.

Freyr and Freya we honor you,
King and Queen of elf and wight
Bright powers dance among us here
We gift you the kiss of life!

Gorgeous brother, can you feel the power rise,
As the bells caress our dancing feet?
Gorgeous sister, I will lay my body down,
We will worship at the sacred feast!

“Frey and Freya”

Hail to Freya, beauty of the North
Seer of the hidden realms within
Whose golden braids entwine the hearts of lovers
Be welcome, lusty queen of wild things

Hail to Frey, king of the Bright Ones
Whose fortune glows amber all around
Scent of pine, Keeper of the forests
Be welcome, Lord of Elves, and claim your crown



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