“Facets of Freya” monologue: Generous Giver


Hail Freya, Generous Giver
Who helps us to honor ourselves
Confidence-inspirer, value-reminder
Lady of self-worth and self-love!


I am Freya, called Gefn, the giver. When called upon, I help increase
happiness, prosperity, and all good things. In order to be this generous
giver, however, I must first value and honor myself.

I know I myself am the greatest gift that I have to give. I have given
Myself to Myself first–I am, in fact, both the gift and the giver.
I must show love and respect to myself first, so that I can give love and
inspiration to others as well.

If you have felt unloved or not valuable, come to me. One of my greatest
gifts is to show you how I see you. You too are a valuable gift, full of
beauty and love, though you may have forgotten this. You just need to be
reminded. When you choose to love yourself as much as I already love
you, you will have more than enough love to give to the world.

Others may try to steal your intrinsic value. If they seek to diminish
from you, take back the gift you have given them. Remember—you
are the gift: given to yourself first, honoring yourself first, and loving
yourself first. You get to decide whom to share yourself with.  If
those with whom you share yourself do not value you back—let them
go, and do not look back.

This is the price of honoring yourself. If you truly do value yourself,
you cannot let others take that value from you. If they try, you must let
them go. This decision may be hard, but it is the only real decision you
have to make. Will you honor yourself? Or will you let others take that
value from you? Once that decision is made, you must stick with it.

Honor and defend yourself the way I honor you. Cherish and nurture
yourself the way I cherish you. Love yourself the way I already love you.
And then you can share your love with the world.

Hail Freya!

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