“Facets of Freya” monologue: Brisingamen’s Bearer


Hail Freya, Bearer of the Brisingamen
Who Cries Tears of Amber and Gold
Fertile Mother, Lustful Lover
Lady of Beauty and Love


I am Freyja, Wearer of the ‘Shining Necklace’ of the Brisings… the most beautiful necklace of all, made for me, Freyja the Fair.  I spied ‘the Shining One’ and knew Her to be Mine. We are One.

Writhing gold and stunning gems, wrought and forged with the finest craftsmanship by the four master dwarves: Dvalinn, Alfrik, Berling, and Grer.

Much did I give that all would marvel and none could rival… that the four wise ones who forged Her would realize She was Mine.  One night of healing for each of those deformed creatures with my own special love — a gift far more valuable and precious than all of the silver and gold of the Gods.

Giants risk everything for my hand in marriage.  But I refuse, indignantly and with a rage.  When I am angered, all the gold in my Brisings’ Choker, all the gold in my hall and in my brooches and in the threads of my dress, shake, and shatter with rage.  Yet no matter the moments of my despair or the strength of my emotion, all is beautiful and Love reigns.

I cry tears of gold as I search longingly for my husband Odr, or when I am disappointed, or when the air is frozen brisk.  When my tears touch the salt of the sea, they turn to amber, another exquisite reminder of my Beauty and Love.

I am Mother to the loveliest of daughters: Hnoss and Gersemi, whose names mean Precious Jewel and Priceless Ornament.  I am the Daughter of Njordr and his sister is my Mother.  My Beautiful Brother Freyr and I are very close.

I am an attractor, a connector.  I rejoice in the physical as well as the heart, the joy of that which can be seen and touched.  And yet I shine so bright that only a few can see me as I really am.  I draw others in, yet honor my own boundaries.

You may call on me for matters of love, relationships, sexuality, and fertility.  Just be specific and clear what you are asking for and your boundaries, for I may give you more than you expected.

Your love is beautiful.  Your face is beautiful.  Your body is beautiful.  Your emotions are beautiful.  Your sexuality is beautiful.  Let me be an inspiration to the Allure in you.  Look at yourself in the mirror and see the beauty within.  Then let your Splendor shine forth that others may see you as I see you.

I am Freya, Goddess of Beauty and Love.  Come to Me.

Hail Freya!

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