“Facets of Freya” monologue: Chooser of the Slain


Hail, Freyja! Goddess of War,
Chooser of the Slain, Guardian of Warriors,
Shield-Maiden, Defender and Paladin,
Lady of Valor and Love.


Hail, You Seeker!  Hail the Guest in the Hall,
come late and weary to Sessumnir.
Come, be welcome and sit by my side,
and I will teach you the mysteries of my love.

Drink deep of golden mead and hearty ale;
of meat and bread and fruit, eat your fill,
for tomorrow to battle we must away.
Falcon-winged over Folkvangr’s fields I fly.

Even mighty Odin does well fear my power;
thrice I was burned, and thrice I rose again from the ashes,
laughing and unmarred by flame.
Thus does Odin grant me the first choice of all worthy battle-slain,
to feast in my halls until Ragnarok come.

On Golden Boar I ride across fields of War,
for who can love these more than I?
And what then would I not do for you, my Beloved,
You who make my belly heat and skin burn with desire?

As fierce She-Wolf defends even unto the last breath,
so stand I before you against all foes.
Fear neither man nor beast, nor pain nor death.
for at the end of all things, there shall I wait for you.

Therefore –
Worship me with fire, for I am the darkness that makes the candle burn brighter;
Worship me with blood, for I am the pain that makes pleasure sharper;
Worship me with flesh, for I am the strife that quickens body and mind.
Worship me with joy and in sorrow, for I am the bitterness which makes sweetness sweeter,
and the sacrifice which makes that which you hold more dear.

Who among you has felt alone or bereft?
Who has not felt the bite of loss, or the sting of defeat?
Do not despair, for I am with you always.
Call upon me when your need is most dire, and I shall be at your side.
When will breaks and strength fails, I shall bear you up;
I shall bestow upon you my power and might, and bless you with valor and love.

Hail Freya!

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