“Facets of Freya” monologue: Vanadis


Hail Freya, Queen of the Vanir
Sovereign of Vanaheim with Veraldrgodh Freyr
Priestess of the Sacrifice, Protector of the people,
Lady of Boundaries and Love!


I am the Vanadis, Queen of a proud and wise people.

It was the Vanir who fought the mighty Aesir to a standstill.
It was the Vanir who brought frith with the bright Alfar, the crafty Duergar, and even the mighty Jotnar.
It was the Vanir who were ordained as Priests and Priestess of the Sacrifice in Asgard.
It was the Vanir who taught the Wanderer Seidh magic.
It is the Vanir who are hailed throughout the nine worlds as wise, even among the gods.

It is the Vanir I serve as Queen.

It is my calling to serve those who uphold me.
It is my obligation to guide my people along their paths.
It is my duty to protect my people from harm.
It is my privilege to represent my people to those who seek us.
It is my joy to watch my people grow and thrive.

It is also my role to model right relationships with my people,
with the spirits of the land that sustains us;
with outsiders whose ways may be strange;
and with Mysteries beyond understanding.

But above all, I must model right relationship with myself.

That means I must uphold my own boundaries, just as I respect the boundaries of others.

For I can serve no others if I am not whole.
I can counsel no others if I am myself confused.
I can heal no others if I am myself injured.
I can defend no others if I am myself fallen.
I can love no others if I am myself despairing.

I am a goddess yes, but I am neither infallible nor omnipotent.
Even the mighty gods can fall.

So in the end, I must model forgiveness for myself, and for others.
For without forgiveness, there is little room for love.

Hail Freya!

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