Facets of Freya ritual

(Full version available here.)

“Facets of Freya” ritual
PantheaCon 2015
Freyja’s Aett
–Cleanse space thoroughly
–Set up five thrones (one for each facet)
–Set up altar table between the doors
–Prepare tokens
–Prepare cleansing water

Freyja’s Aett Priestesses: Cara Freyasdaughter, Bella Crow, Meredith Himmel, Freybjorg, and Ember Cooke (EmberVoices: Listening to the Vanir)
Head warder: Dee; Other warders: Nightshade, John, Fawnn (Bella)

–Ember sings the Vanaheim Summoning Song as people come in;
–Freybjorg and Bella hand out tokens and welcome people to Vanaheim.

–Once everyone is in and Ember finishes, we close the doors

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells

–Cara gives Welcome; Dee cleanses audience with rosemary and water while Cara is speaking:

Hello, and welcome to the Facets of Freya ritual! My name is Cara Freyasdaughter, and behind me are the lovely Freyaswomen who are members of Freya’s Aett.

Freya is a complex, ancient, and powerful Goddess. Today we get the honor of sharing with you our knowledge and personal experience with Her in her many facets—the Chooser of the Slain; Freya the Sovereign; Freya the Attractor; Freya of Desire; and the Freya who Loves us all. Freya has more facets, but these are Her main ones.

A “facet” of Freya is a part of Freya. It’s as if we took a prism and held it up to Freya’s energy. All of the individual colors that appear through the prism are the facets that make up Freya.

We will start out this evening by setting up a sacred space in a Heathen way, by calling upon the Four Dwarves of Norse cosmology who hold up the edges of the world. Then I will take us on a guided meditation through Vanaheim to Freya’s Hall. Once at Her hall, the other Freya priestesses and I will come forward to invoke a specific facet of Freya, explain what her facet represents, and retire to our thrones. Then you will have a chance to go up to and speak with any Facet of your choice, to ask a blessing from Her, to honor Her, to just interact with her energy. You may also spend some time at her altar. (gesture)

Afterwards, everyone will return to their seats, and we will lead a short blot (kind of like a round of toasts) to honor Freya and to thank her for her gifts before coming back to Midgard and closing the ritual.

— Meredith calls the Dwarves:

    Nordri and Sudri, Austri and Vestri
    Dwarves in all directions dwelling
    Honored ones, the earth upholding
    Ward us as we work our magic

–Dee Rings the Bells

— Cara leads Guided Meditation (full text available here)

We have arrived at Freya’s Hall.
Breathe in and out, in and out,
and open your eyes.
You may stretch if you wish,
but please stay at your seats
as we call the Facets of Freya.

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells

Each priestess in her turn move to the center of the space to starther invocation and monologue. Then she cues Dee before moving to her respective corner. Dee will lead the attendees to “Hail, Freya!”, after each invocation, and after each monologue.
1. Ember: Vanadis

2. Freybjorg: Brisingamen’s Bearer

3. Meredith: Chooser of the Slain

4. Bella: Lady of Desire

5. Cara: Generous Giver

*    *    *    *
–Dee rings the bells, and then gives the Rules of Engagement while the Freyas take another minute or two to get situated
    1: Call on the Lady as Freyja, and not by the name of Her priestesses.
    2: Approach Freyja respectfully, from the front, when invited to do so.
Do not startle her by approaching from the side or behind, nor interrupt.
    3: Do not touch Her, except as invited to do so.
    4: Above all, Do not throw off the Lady’s groove.

–Dee starts the background music

–People talk with the Freyas for a half an hour or so

*    *    *    *
–Dee: Cuts the background music, and rings the bells to call everyone back to their seats

–Ember: Explains what a blot is and teaches the song to sing during the blot. (We chose the “Freya” section of Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle’s “Frey and Freya” chant, from their album “Songs for the Strengthening Sun”. The chant: Hail to Freya, beauty of the North/Seer of the hidden realms within/Whose golden braids entwine the hearts of lovers/Be welcome, lusty queen of wild things.”)

–Cara, Bella, Freybjorg, and Meredith each take a drinking horn to the people in one quarter of the room, walking clockwise, starting from the left end of their respective quarter.

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells

–Cara: guides the audience back to where we started.

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells

Each Priestess: Briefly thanks her facet of Freya for attending and giving us her strength, wisdom, and blessings:

Ember: Hail Freya, Queen of the Vanir! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Freybjorg: Hail Freya, Bearer of Brisingamen! Thank you for your blessings and guidance!
Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Meredith: Hail Freya, Goddess of War! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Bella: Hail Freya, Lady of Desire! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Cara: Hail Freya, Generous Giver! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!

–Meredith: recalls the dwarves

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells one last time

THE END. Thanks for coming, folks!

5 thoughts on “Facets of Freya ritual

  1. Enjoyed exploring your blog – beautiful and informative.

    I was wondering if you wrote a poem called:
    “Lay of the Lady by the Sea”
    (Freyja’s Promise)

    If you did not author the poem, do you know who wrote it?

    Thank you.

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