“Facets of Freya” monologue: Lady of Desire


Hail Freyja, Lady of Desire,
She who is the embodiment of hunger
Lustful lady who incites your passions
Lady of Sex and Love


I am Freyja, you come to me in your desire for love
You seek me in your need for connection
You ask for my help in finding a lover

But, are you clear, really clear about what you want?
You seek love, but what kind?
You seek desire, but do you want to desire or to be desired?

I will give you what you ask, but it is up to you to ask the right question.

Because Uncensored desire is not for most people
So I task you with managing your desires and yearnings,
so you’ll know better what you actually want.
Or do you really want to be drowned in your own need?

I am not responsible for your consequences
it is up to you to know your boundaries and your limits
so I can give you what you ask
But be careful what you wish for

Because desire that is obsessive and takes you over is still desire
You can burn with it, and it may never be requited
if you don’t actually ask to be desired back

Because love that turns possessive and dark is still love
Just because it twists inside you into a different shape
doesn’t mean it’s not from the same source

Because sex can do more than you know
and ecstasy can be both healing and addictive

While passion can both push lives together and blow your life apart

So come to me and ask because I am happy to give
But it is up to you to make the shape of it into something survivable,
something healthy, something fruitful

Hail Freya!

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