“Following Freya”, by Cara Freyasdaughter


Her long golden hair
Swings hypnotically
As I follow my Lady into Vanaheim.


Round hips gyrate
And beckon, dancing to the beat
Only She knows.
The green leaves, the brown branches
Sway with Her
As she goes.

swish, sway

A gentle breeze
Passes my face
Teasing my nose with her sweet smell
In full summer-sweet bloom.
A more pleasing scent I haven’t found here
No matter how hard I’ve searched.

swish, sway

What shall I learn today
From my guide, my mentor, my lover?
She of many names
Only few of which we know.
None are Her true name;
To me, She is just “Lady”.

swish, sway

A thousand times I have sought her thus
In green Vanaheim
Journeying the Nine Worlds
Anxious and hopeful
Seeking lust and love,
Fear and ecstasy in equal parts:
thought and power and memory combined.
For nothing is simple with Her–
Not with my Lady.

swish, sway

What shall She be today?
I wonder as I walk.
Who shall I meet as I
enter these woods?
Who will I find when I go under?


She stops.
We have arrived.
She turns, smiles
And the warm radiance
Of a thousand suns
I was never meant to witness
The fierce white glare of
A thousand stars
I was never meant to endure
Washes over me again.

I pause,
And am reborn.

swish, sway

We are back on the path
I am still following
Her lush, sloping hips
That gyrate smoothly
Her soft golden hair
That sways hypnotically
As homeward we walk.

I blink.

Eyes wet with tears, I ask
“What just happened?
Vanadis? Njord’s daughter?
Gullvieg, Mardoll, Horn–?
Lady, what…?”

She turns without stopping
Talks without moving.
I can still see her
hair gleam and her hips glide
Back and forth, back and forth

She says,

“Heart of my heart
Love of my love
The joy in my sorrow, for
Your sweetness that you thought lost
has been found again–
I have brought you home.
I can only offer you everything
I have to give, and more.
Now that you know the way.

Each time you come back
You will be clearer.
Your heart will be wider
Your smile, happier
Your light, brighter
And you will know more.
Now that you know the way.”

swish, sway
swish, sway

Yes, Lady;
I will be back.
And I will gather your thousand stars
And I will bask in your thousand suns
And I will walk this sacred path
So that one day I, too,
will shine brightly–

swaying and swishing,
swishing and swaying–

Glowing and leading others through
These green forests of Vanaheim.
To share with them
the love/light/joy I have gained
From following you.
–Cara Freyasdaughter, 2014

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