Heathen Concepts

This is where I’ll store my in-depth articles about a given component in Old Norse culture (or the modern practice thereof). This is not meant to be a research project; it’s a “work in progress” because I’m always learning and I’ll only be researching/writing up about the parts of the Heathen worldview that are interesting to me at any given moment. That said, I hope you’ll find something useful here on these pages 🙂


“On Fylgias”, by Cara Freysadaughter. Summary: What is a fylgia? A fylgia is, in general, one of two things: the animal shape a person’s spirit takes when he or she journeys; or a semi-autonomous human-shaped entity who is attached to a person’s soul. Both types have strong connections with a person’s ancestral line, and can represent (or work on behalf of) an entire family.

 “On Beauty, Sex, Sexuality, and Romance in Old Norse Society,” by Cara Freyasdaughter. All of the material presented here is drawn from Women in Old Norse Society by Jenny Jochens. Dr. Jochens draws her information from the Eddas, the Sagas, and contemporary Old Norse laws. She uses an interdisciplinary approach, seeing the information through the lens of linguistics, history, and modern gender analysis. Together with her book Old Norse Images of Women, and Women in the Viking Age by Judith Jesch, we now know quite a bit about what it was like to be a woman in the Viking Age.


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