Online Articles

Online Articles about Freya:


H. R. Ellis-Davidson, “The Goddess Freya”, from Gods and Myths of the Viking Age. Hosted by Ellis-Davidson is a well-known and oft-cited scholar of Viking Age culture and religion.

Reaves, William P. “The Cult of Freyr and Freyja”, 2008. Also hosted by here.

Stephan Grundy, “Freyja and Frigg”, The Concept of the Goddess, London: Routledge, 1996.

H. R. Ellis-Davidson, “The Power of the Vanir”. Freya is a member of the Vanic tribe of deities. In this article, Ellis-Davidson gives a good description of the Vanir gods as a whole.

Modern Pagan:

Diana Paxson, “Freyja“. Sagewoman, 2002. (also available online at A rich tapestry of storytelling, academic data, and ritual, dealing with all things Freyja.

Freyasbok, Cara Freyasdaughter. A “101-level” handout I made to accompany my Freyasblot at Pantheacon, 2014.

Maris Pai, “Rethinking Vanatru”. Great blog post about the darker sides of the Vanir.

“Reference Guide for the Goddess Freya.” Hosted by A good “201-level” article on Freya.


Articles about Seidh (seiðr) magic:

Diana Paxson, “The Return of the Völva: Recovering the Practice of Seiðr” on Seeing for the People: High Seat Seið and the Core Oracular Method (

Jenn Blain, Seiðr as shamanistic practice: reconstituting a tradition of ambiguity.” Revision of a paper she presented at the Conference on Shamanism in Contemporary Society, Newcastle, June 1998.

Jones, Pollyanna. “Vardlokkur – The Song of the Völva.” A great introduction and overview of seidh and the challenges we’ve faced in bringing this lore-attested practice into the modern day.

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