Poetry and Songs for Freya


For Freya:

The Winning of Brisingamen, by Diana Paxson

Following Freya, by Cara Freyasdaughter

For Freyja (#1), by owanderer

Vanadis, by Heather Freysdottir

For Freyja (#2), by owanderer

The Call, by Cara Freyasdaughter

Brisingamen, Ann Groa Sheffield

Freya, by Bekkhild

For the Vanadis, by Gudrun of Mimirsbrunnr (from Fire Jewel, ed. Gefion Vanirdottir)

I am Freya, as told to Thenea

In the Witch-Tower, by Alfgeir Starkhendr

Hymn to Freyja 1, by Rebecca Buchanan (from Fire Jewel, ed. Gefion Vanirdottir)

Tears in the Ocean, by Michaela Macha

Devotional Poem to Freya, by Sarenth Odinsson

Bright Enchantress, by Lorrie Wood (Though now it is a tune sung in honor of Freya at Hrafnar events, it started out life as a poem. Hence, in the poetry section it goes.)

Choice, by Ann Groa Shieffield

If I Were to Die in Battle, by Muninns Kiss

October Women, by Stephen McNallen

Odin’s Gift--Poetry



A whisper of hope for when the night is long, by Cara Freyasdaughter


Songs and Chants

For Freya:

Shining Twins” and “Frey and Freya from Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle’s album Songs of the Strengthening Sun

The Heathen Songbook Online, hosted by Odin’s Gift

“Come, my Lady”, by Heather Alexander, Merlin’s Gift

“Devotional to Oshun” (very similar in tone and energy to that which I get from Freya)


Facets of Freya:

“Creature in the Wood”, Heather Alexander



For Freya:

“Homecoming”, by Seanan McGuire


About Odr:

“A Hero Comes Home”, from Beowulf (2007); sung by Idina Metzel

“Tears in the Ocean”, by Michaela Macha

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