Guidelines for Public Ritual. Here are some helpful hints for those who are planning public rituals, as well as for those who attend them–how to be a good guest and how to be a good host in public ritual.

An Old-fashioned Blot for Freya. My own design, and a good template to use for blots to other Gods as well.

A Simple Blot for Freyr. Again, my own design. As with the Freyasblot, it can be expanded or shortened, and it can be adapt to use with any Heathen deity.

The Facets of Freya ritual, designed by myself and four of my Freyja’s Aett compatriots, and presented at PantheaCon 2015. An intense, 2-hour-long ritual with a journey to Freya’s hall; five-part Freya trancing (five different Facets being tranced at once); and a Blot to Freya.

A Midsummer’s Eve Aelf Rite. A Midsummer’s ritual which focuses on Freyr and the Alfar. The two roles are played by the Gothi/Freyr and the Gythia/Freya.

Freya (Freo), by Galina Krasskova. An article on Freya that includes a meditation at the end. From Exploring the Northern Tradition, by Galina Krasskova.

“All Gods” event. An interfaith event of my own devising in which individuals of many pagan faiths can come together to honor their Gods in the presence of others.

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