The Cat Story; or, Why you should be very specific when asking your goddess for a favor

In 1998, I was in grad school. One of the many reasons that I decided to go to grad school was to find, not to put too fine a point on it, a husband. Once I got there, I realized my field was full of women and gay men, and those straight men who were there were taken. So there were just not that many eligible guys around. Having never been one to pick up guys at bars, and internet dating having not really taken off yet, I was kind of stuck as to what to do about it.

Enter my first kindred. The gay Freyrsman who was to become my first gothi learned of my plight and offered me a spell that he had created which would ask Freya to help bring love into my life. Having done my own research on Freya back when I first became Wiccan, his suggestion made a lot of sense to me, and I followed his instructions.

It went something like this:

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The cat is missing.

I have two cats–one black snuggly cat of doom and one red talkative cat of adventure. The red cat of adventure stayed back in CA with a friend, in a quiet, relatively protected cul de sac. The black cat braved a 2000 mile journey and is happily ensconced here with me in the Midwest. The red cat, as I heard tonight, is missing.

Sigh. Damn cat. He’s been missing for two days, and nobody in the cul de sac has seen him.

I got to hear about a lot of interesting exploits when his cat-sitter called me tonight. He walks the neighborhood children to school and picks them up when they come home after school. He breaks into people’s houses at night (even those families who have dogs) and eats their cats’ food. He breaks any collar that gets put on him (including the ones I tried on him while he was with me.) He won’t brave the big road that limits one side of the cul de sac, but he is braving the creek on the other side. F***ing tomcat.

The catsitter adores him and is doing her best to rally the neighborhood to help find him. I’m in the Midwest with no plans to go back to CA until February. I’m feeling pretty powerless at the moment. Any prayers or good thoughts or whatever people could send to help him return home safe would really be appreciated.


Love notes from Freya, 6/26/14

Cats. Take care of your cats. (gestures to the horde of felines circling about her feet) Love, Freya

Yes, ma’am. Duly noted. (Maybe I should ask for some help in finding catsitters for next week.)

This “cats” order reminds me of my first time I consciously reached out to Freya. I had just found out about Asatru and starting hanging out with my first kindred. At the time, I was also in grad school and feeling lonely. (One of the many reasons I had gone to grad school was to find a guy, and I was sorely disappointed that my chosen field was filled with women, gay men, and taken hetero guys.) When I asked the gothi about it, he suggested this spell: take a piece of paper and write down exactly what I am looking for. Put it into a small container with a cat on it; ask Freya to bless it and bring me the love that I need; and put it in the window to send it out. So I did. I asked Freya for someone who liked to snuggle, was laid back, and was independent and didn’t require a lot of my attention (in grad school, who has the time?)

Two hours later, I was surprised to hear my gray tabby, Harbarth (“Greybeard”) start up a conversation with someone through my window. I looked out, and the sweetest brown tabby cat with a white belly was sitting outside, mrowing at my gray cat. I went out on the porch and looked around to see if someone had dropped him off, or at least knew where he came from. The street was deserted. He had no tag, so I brought him in, and almost immediately he sat down next to me and started purring. It was love at first sight.

It wasn’t until a few months had passed that I realized he did, in fact, meet the standards I had asked for. I had said nothing about which species I wanted. And as I watched several of my peers struggle with ever-increasing boyfriend drama throughout grad school, I was secretly grateful I had been given a cat instead.

From this experience, I learned several things:

  1. Magic works. (Or perhaps the Gods are just a lot more helpful than I had thought.)
  2. This Freya deity seems pretty responsive and powerful. Maybe I should be serious about starting build a relationship with her
  3. The Gods are going to send you what you need rather than what you think you want. So, to a certain extent, it doesn’t matter how specific you are. Being specific only sets up expectations and you can miss the gift when the Gods decide to send it to you.
  4. However, if you’re determined to do a spell, rather than ask the Gods for help, you need to know exactly what you want, and be specific when asking for it.
  5. I will always need to have a lovebug cat in my life. And to this day, I always have.

My current catnips: Ra and Anubis. (You can guess which is which.) Ra is my adventurous wanderer, and Anubis is my snuggle/purr cat.

Nubie on Draim                cats snuggling on chair

Ra and Cernunos