Freyr Stamp

Thoughts from my work with Freyr this evening:

  • Freyr is generous.
  • Freyr understands sacrifice–whether to do it; what kind is needed; how to prepare for it; how to do it; how to gracefully accept that which has been sacrificed; and how to heal up and live without it.
  • Freyr does not care about how much a thing costs. He does not appreciate an extravagant meal any more than he appreciates a simple one, as long as it has been offered to him with intent. (So different from Freya! Freya will appreciate any gift, true–but she does notice and encourage high quality and poshness whenever possible. Goddess of gold, after all.)
  • Freyr has absolute confidence in his ownership of a given thing. Complete and utter confidence. Unshakeable. Like, the thought that he would ever lose stewardship of something or someone once he has staked is claim does not appear to occur to him, possibly ever. (Maybe because he is a god of kingship??)
  • Freyr is at one with the cycles of nature, and as such can be either calm and patient or dramatic and forceful, according to the land’s needs. (Unlike me, who, with my SAD and general  dislike of change, has been at odds with the seasons for decades now.)
  • And Freyr is not so much with the verbal, which once I got used to it, is totally fine by me. He’s possibly the least likely deity to try to trick someone by catching them in a terminology trap of some kind (unlike, say, Hermes or Odin). And that’s a relief. I’ve always been more of a “big concept” kind of girl.
  • He’s also really earthy, which again is cool. And He feels very much like most of the Freyrspeople I’ve ever run into, young or old, male or female–just moreso.
  • Oh, yeah, and I’m claimed by Him–like, eons ago, apparently. As if I was supposed to know this.

And I’ve been given the rough draft of a tattoo, likely for dedication purposes. I’m pretty sure it’s already been applied on spiritual body, though (long story). And given the location on my body that it got applied, I’ve taken to calling it my Freyr Stamp.

*sigh* Fertility gods. Whatcha gonna do? GO TEAM VANIR.

Apprentice, by Vixy and Tony

A great song which captures some of my love for Freya and how I often feel in my relationship with Her. (The only good recording I can find is on their page, here. It’s definitely worth a listen.) They say that this was meant to provide some background for Inara, from Firefly, which Whedon and Co. left out, but it works just as well for Freya. 😉


She was all the stars in a velvet sea
A gem of perfection she seemed to me
Skin like silk and a rose red smile
All grace when I brought her tea

And her laughter cut through my girlish dream
“Don’t you know that we’re all silk and cream
And roses and velvet and gems and stars?
You must be more than what you seem.”

One night I stole into her garden
And I overheard her sigh…

“You don’t have to be wild to want to run
Look at the roses and you’ll see
See them climbing ever higher toward the sun
These garden walls are not for me.”

I had come so young to the Twilight School
Quiet and shy and a bit of a fool
A hopeless handmaid, so awkward and awed
Until she saw an uncut jewel

She taught me all the Companion’s art
Beauty and charm and the skills to set ourselves apart
We were teacher and student, we were friend and friend
And we were sisters of the heart

Sharing afternoon tea in her garden
She would gaze up at the sky…

“You don’t have to be wild to want to run
Look at the ring-doves and you’ll see
See them stretching their clipped wings out toward the sun
This pretty cage is not for me.”

She could see her path laid out in flowers and in stone
Priestess, Lady, Head of House, and nothing left unknown
She whispered to her teacup that it chilled her to the bone
“When others look to you to make their choices
You no longer make your own…”

Now my clients say there’s no lady as fine
The skill and the charm and the garden are mine
But I walk outside the gate at night
And see the stars and planets shine

They say she’s done battle, they say she fell in love
They say she near died in that endless sky above
And all of her lessons I took to heart
Even that of the rose and the dove

She taught me to look beyond the garden
And she never said goodbye…

You don’t have to be wild to want to run
Look at the river and you’ll see
See it leap and dance away, laughing in the sun
Perhaps it knows a place for me.

Dedication Contract renewal, January 2015

I realized, while going through and organizing the Dedication process stuff I went through last year, that the reason I am doing all of that analysis work now is because She wants me to finish integrating it within myself as well. A new year, a new rendering of who I am and what it means to me to be a woman dedicated to a Goddess.

Dedication to Freya–Contract renewal, January 2015 (With a few minor updates and revisions)
Freya, I offer you my dedication. I stand here as your child, as your intermediary between Vanaheim and Midgard, the realms of the living and the realms of the dead.

I ask you to guide my way here in this world. You are aware of and understand so much more than I ever can, and from my many years of working with you, I know that you love me more fully and deeply than I can comprehend. You have given me gifts I would not have thought to ask for; you have fulfilled wishes I did not know I had. You continue to help me love myself and to see beauty in all things in the world. You have gifted me with many great experiences, and you have walked me through an initiation that has expanded and transformed the capacity of my heart.

I know that the gifts that you have given to me have been freely given. But I also know that I owe you in return.

I offer to help facilitate your voice and your presence here on earth. I will continue to spread word of your gifts and mysteries and to promote the Vanir, the Aesir, and Heathenry where I can. With your help and guidance, I will strive to be an example of a loving, compassionate priestess in a healthy God-relationship. I hope to become a living example that a relationship with you or any of the Gods can be one of the greatest blessings that we can receive.

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State of the Altar


I keep meaning to post pics of my Freya altar, but I always get distracted (by moving or drawers, for example). So here’s the state of my altar currently. Note the large chunks of amber and the Henning statue of Freya. (Hennning is a famous traditional woodcarving brand from Norway. They also make great Thor and Odin statues.)

Yes, ma’am

So… my Lady is yelling at me to write, so writing is happening. No idea what she actually wants me to write about, so here goes nothing.

(Thus follows a conversation with my Lady, in the style of MagicfromScratch’s convos with her gods. Possibly because I’m in no shape–either physically or emotionally–to do my usual Love Notes check-in, much less the kind of journeywork that I would normally do with Her for this. So, we’ll see how it goes.)

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My apologies for the lack of Love Notes recently, all. There’s a lot going on in Cara-land, and I’ve been keeping my God-roar on mute as much as possible. (Not as easy to do as it used to be, but what do you expect from a dedication?) Many changes, presumably architected by my lovely Lady (at least on some level).

Gods. I’m a Taurus; I hate change. As my friends in program tell me, though, don’t worry–we all get a chance to practice life lessons over and over until we get them right. Yay for being a conscious, constantly evolving person in tune with the Gods. Woot.


So, the overwhelming busy-ness has finally caught up with me and I’ve cried “uncle!”. I’ve cut down –temporarily, in some cases– on a lot of the things that I had been helping to lead/organize/manage. This won’t actually affect this blog too much, though, as it’s one of the things I’m keeping. The only real change I’ll make here is that I’m going to worry less about making it an all-Heathen resource, and instead just focus on the Love Notes and Freya-related topics. Likely no one will notice any change at all 🙂 Except perhaps less whining about how busy I am.

Love notes from Freya, 7/23/14

Today’s Love Note is inspired both by what I hear from Freya today as well as what I felt in the short journey I took to Vanaheim yesterday.

Come home, come home, come home…. Love, Freya

And now I present to you some Skylar Grey, with P. Diddy participation. (This is the version from SYTYCD, which is where I came across the song.)