Deep thoughts: Gifting and golddigging

I had two deep thoughts today.

First, Freya gives to herself (and we do, too)

Odin sacrifices “himself to himself” for knowledge of the runes and whatnot; but Freya — Freya is a giver. Working on the Facets of Freya ritual today, I kept getting the message “I am a gift”. (Me, attempting to clarify: “Who is a gift? Me?” Freya: “YES.”  “To who?” YES.” “To you?” “YOU ARE THE GIFT.”)  sigh. So I thought, well, if Odin can sacrifice himself to himself, than I can give myself to myself. I give myself to myself; I am both the giver and the gift. Which fits in perfectly with the facet of Freya that I will be portraying–the Freya of Self-Love. (If you could only see the way She loves us…)

Second, Freya as a golddigger. Literally.

Today’s work also brought up this quote: “I am the daughter of a master navigator. There is no gold I cannot find or treasure I cannot uncover and make shine.” And I thought, Well, of course. She loves gold and beauty in all of its forms. She found the best gold/treasure the dwarves had to offer, and went after it, breaking all kinds of Asgardian rules and thoroughly pissing Odin off (depending on your pov). And She loves and is doted on by Her father, Njord, the god of Fishing,Trade, and Commerce. (Vanic gods, the both of them, so modify anything They do with the adjective “abundantly”.) Who’s to say that Her guidance won’t always bring us to richer and better things? Maybe She is a golddigger, but in a good way. I mean, She is a giver.


Cinderella’s (soon to be Sleeping Beauty’s) Prince: Yes, but even one prick–it’s my thing about blood–

Rapunzel’s (soon to be Snow White’s) Prince : Well, it’s sick!

CP: It’s no sicker than your thing with dwarfs!

RP: Dwarves!

CP: Dwarfs.

RP: Dwarves are very upsetting….

Actually, they’re not that upsetting at all, just kind of surprising. And happy folk for Freyaspeople to come visit. So, let’s talk dwarves, shall we?

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Scythian “Golden Woman” burial

“Reconstruction shows how ancient Scythian ‘Princess’ discovered in Kazakhstan looked like”

This has nothing to do with Freya or Heathenry and everything to do with GOLD. I couldn’t stop looking. It’s mind boggling. Gods, I love archaeology.

Scythian princess Scythian headdress ram-griffin plaques combgolden wolf fang

A Scythian “Golden princess”, circa 400-500-BCE. That last photo says this: “The sleeves of the garment were adorned with wolf fangs in gold trim.” Yes, you read that right. Wolf fangs–wrapped in gold. You’re welcome.

Love notes from Freya, 8/12/14

“Wealth. Richness. Get it. Feel the power of the gold!” (Or something along those lines.) Love, Freya

*shrug* Sometimes I just get concepts from Her–she imbues them with urgent emotion, somehow, but they are still just concepts. Apparently She is thinking a lot about money and wealth and wishes to bless us all with such abundance. Sometimes I get the feeling that She is trying to give us All The Money, but is blocked by something; I wish I knew what. Pagans as a group are not the most financially successful crowd; which, given that we have no vow of poverty to uphold, is pretty unnecessary.

(Her “Gold/Wealth/Things that you Value and are Valuable/The Good Life” side is one that I pick up on pretty regularly. I call this side of Her the “Smaug” side, especially when She’s focused on material things.)

Anyway. You, too, deserve to live in the lap of luxury! Here’s some inspiration:

gold bars

Why Freya Makes Me Cry

I started out writing a post explaining the love notes, but ended up writing the “why she makes me cry” post. It is what it is….

I “check in” with Freya every day–kind of like I check my email–to see if She has any words of inspiration to pass on. I do it because it’s part of my commitment to Her, to write these love notes and post them for people. It’s not because I’m particularly holy or special; I just do it because I promised that I would.

It’s not that simple, though. I’m very sensitive–physically, emotionally, pretty much in every way–and I can get overwhelmed quickly, so normally I keep my emotions and ability to sense things tightly locked down. In order to hear Her, however, I need to open these senses back up. What I usually get when I open up my shields is a feeling; an image; and anywhere between one word/or concept and a full sentence or two. Sometimes it’s easy–I just think of Her, look at Her statue, and Bam! message received. Sometimes I get just the barest thread of a message and have to go digging for it, which ends up being a big drain on my time and energy. Sometimes I get nothing–nada–no matter what I do; and I’m not always sure if it’s because I’m too emotionally or spiritually exhausted that day, or if She just doesn’t have anything to say. Regardless of what I need to do to get the message from Her, more often than not I get punched in the gut with some kind overwhelming emotion, either good or bad. I really can’t prepare for this because I never know what I’m going to get.

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