Inclusive Heathenry

And then, my own words on the subject…


(image by Lorrie Wood)

Happily Heathen: Dealing with Discrimination – What’s An Inclusive Heathen Supposed To Do?

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Patheos: My Heathenry–What it is, and What it is not

My newest post is up: My Heathenry–What It Is, and What It Is Not

It’s at least in part a reaction to the transbashing that was happening in the general pagan community earlier this week, and then the news of yet another white supremacist trying to commit a hate crime in the name of “Asatru”. So much *headdesk* this week–on top of a two-week long sinus infection, makes Cara a very grump blogger indeed.

Heathen Prayers

Do many Heathens pray? Yes. Do they admit to praying? Not all of them, apparently. *shakes head* My opinion is that part of it doesn’t fit with the “I bow to no one!” mantra that some Heathens have. Also, some Heathens are agnostic, or for whatever reason just don’t do it. It’s an individual choice. Still, as a devotional polytheist, that’s a topic that I have strong opinions about. I will definitely be taking on at some point, but that day is not today.

In the meantime, here’s a great post on Heathen prayer by Alyxander Folmer, of Wyrd Words at Patheos, and Huginn’s Heathen Hof, here). Great, snazzy-looking and sounding prayers for Odin, Tyr, Thor, Njord, Loki, and Skadi, who apparently are the top six deities that his readers  have requested prayers for from his website. Where are the rest of the Vanir, though, I ask? Either I, Molly Khan, or Laine Glaistig shall have to take up this slack. Challenge accepted. 🙂