Disney World Musings

This past week my  partner and I went to Disney World for our first real vacation. It was fun for the most part, though it’s not a vacation I would have chosen to go on on my own. I’m not a big Disney fan myself, but he is, and he and his friends own property at one of the resorts there, which made it a (relatively) cheap vacation. Despite the fact that I adored having a break from work and being pampered, I have to say that I spent most of the trip in deep ambivalence, mainly due to the fact that the Disney experience is so heavily consumerist. I work in public aid, and I regularly deal with people who work 2-3 jobs and can barely provide for their families, much less even consider being able to take their family to Disney. Also, though there are exceptions, the whole purpose of anything you do at Disney is to spend unnecessarily large amounts of money, which goes against pretty much every budget-shopping urge I have. If you’ve never been to any of the Disney parks, imagine having to spend movie theater prices all day long, every day, on everything you buy. As everything essentially takes place on Disney property (Disney apparently owns a large chunk of central FL), there is no way around this. Once I accepted this, though, I was able to enjoy myself.

Here’s a breakdown of our Disney experiences.

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April 2017 check-in

Hello to all of my longtime followers! (If you’ve been following me for a few years, you may find this update interesting; if you’re new, well, this is what I have going on with me at the moment.)

Spring has sprung, and I finally feel awake again. Winters, even really mild ones like the one we’ve had here in IL, are always challenging for me. (I am not Elsa; the cold always bothers me.)

There’s been a lot going on all at once. My birthday passed a few days ago, and with it came a new job, financial security, a new garden, a new role at Huginn’s Heathen Hof, and plans to move in with my lovely Hela-devoted boyfriend. The new job is a government one, which is not someplace I’d ever thought I’d be.  Freyr and the Vanir were taking their sweet Vanic time in landing me this job, so maybe this is the place they needed me to be. I’m working in the Public Aid department, interviewing people and granting needy families food, medical coverage, and cash, so I do feel like I’m helping to make the world a better place, so who knows? Then again, it may just a secure job with good benefits and lots of room for advancement. I’ve definitely had worse situations.

This newfound financial security is allowing me to attend cool and interesting new conferences, such as the 1st Annual Conference of Heathen Women in July in Asheville, NC. One of the organizers, Hilary Wehrle, invited me to be a speaker. The line up of speakers and workshops that they have is very enticing, and the location is a fabulous spiritual retreat up in the mountains north of Ashville. I’m very excited about it all around and will likely be posting more about it here. If you’re interested in joining us, you can read more about it here.

As for HHH, Xander Folmer, the CEO and founder of Huginn’s Heathen Hof, has been a big supporter of all of my work. He’s promoted me up to co-admin of out FB page, and I also vet new writers and have a major say in any organizational changes. (Recently, we’ve become an LLC, and we are working with Saga Press to release some books by our bloggers this year.) It’s very exciting and I’m glad I finally have enough spoons to become more involved in our organization.

Finally, the boyfriend. Earlier readers will have followed my previous divorce, move, and meeting of said boyfriend in my home state. I had asked the Gods for a partner to help share the load with all of the spiritual and community work that I do, and not long after moving I found him. (Or, rather, he found me.) I hadn’t planned on my life partner being a Helas man, and he had never planned to date a woman who was dedicated to a (shudder) Love Goddess, but the differences actually seem to balance us out. He’s my grounder and my warder who can also carry a deity like nobody’s business. (Have you ever had a conversation with Hela? I have. She’s actually quite lovely. She easily grounds any energy or emotional issues I might be having.) Anyway, with the new job, the boyfriend and I can finally move in together, hopefully by July. Wish us luck! We’ll probably need it. 😛

That’s all from Cara-land at the moment. I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to seeing what you’re all up to. 🙂




Sept. 2015 misc

Busy, busy, busy. My mundane job has kept me insanely busy these past few weeks. Too busy to think–or to grieve, which is a blessing sometimes. Here’s some thinky thoughts and processing that that I’ve been having recently:

–Two blogs. I’m going to add two new blogs. One will be a shrine of sort for the Vanir, name TBD. (Something about hearth and home, likely). The second one, called “A Community of Gods Surround Me”, will be my polytheist blog, where I’ll get to focus on things like polytheist theology and hot topics, and post about deity stuff and interactions from all pantheons. Once I stop working 50 hour weeks, I’ll get those up and going. Oh, and I’m going to keep the Freya one as it is. I’ll just add a short note to let visitors know that the blog won’t be updated very often for the foreseeable future.

–The changing seasons. One of the immediate downsides to connecting strongly with the land and cyclical god like Freyr is that the seasons change, constantly and dramatically, and I have no power to stop or otherwise mitigate their changing. Freyr is often seen to go “into the mound” in the winter and in Spring to have his “rebirth”. I already have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I remember it being particularly bad when I was growing up here. Fall especially hit me hard, because I could see the end of the light and the warm times and knew there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. Conversely, I also love Fall–the colors, the smells, the food. It’s my favorite season. Sigh.

–I’ve started sponsoring people on Patreon. It makes me feel happy to do so.I don’t have a lot of spare $, but now that I blog regularly, I really see what a pain in the ass it is to also have a #dayjob and try to do anything spiritual or introspective. Here’s hoping that other people can also sponsor these authors and our combined contributions add up to enough to keep them afloat.

–Freya. I miss Her terribly but I got a bit of insight into the situation with her when I was at my 12-step meeting the other day. I’m struggling now because in my 12-step program, She’s my Higher Power, and I’m having to adjust to the fact She is not longer It. It’s more like “They all” are my HP, which let me tell you, is an adjustment. But what someone read at the meeting really resounded. Paraphrased, it said “Why do you think that the situation that you are in now is not ALSO part of Her plan?” And it hit me–duh, of course it is. She’s not gone for good; I’m still her House, and I’m housesitting. I’m deeply embedded with Her family, and I still catch faint glimmers of Her love and her messages. She put me in this situation for a reason. I even know a lot of what that reason is, which is more than most folks. Now I just need to do it. I am loved. I am taken care of. And it’s gonna be all right.  🙂

Catching up on blogs and such

A confession: I got caught up on a total of 0 blogs or posts while on vacation. We ended up cutting out any long-distance travel in our plans (no Oslo, Mälmo, or Gotenburg), and pretty much every single public transport experience which offered Wifi was used to map out our next steps, check email, check finances, and randomly check in on FB. So if you’ve said or writing anything particularly relevant to me or that you think I should catch up on, please ping me about it and/or drop a link to it here. Thanks!

What to write (March 2015 version)

So I realized I haven’t posted a lot of personal content recently. Part of that is due to the fact that I’m a lot busier at work, and so, after work, I’m a lot less interested in spending hours at the computer doing more typing. Also, I have a number of blog posts which are in process but each requires a lot more time and effort to finish than I currently have available.

Current blog posts in progress:

  • The differences between Wicca and Heathenry (aka: Wiccan privilege, and how to avoid venting at unsuspecting Wiccans who really don’t know anything about Heathenry)
  • Why Athelstan is my favorite character on Vikings (it’s relevant, really! I have deep thoughts about it. And not just because George Blagden is quite possibly the most adorable person currently residing in Midgard)
  • Reworking my fylgia article to include info from the latest Idunna
  • My experience participating in my first public ADF ritual (this year’s Ostara)
  • Typing up a review/overview of the Ladyofthelabyrinth’s “Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths” youtube series

If anyone has a preference as to which post gets finished first, let me know. It’ll help me focus my energies and actually get one of these done 🙂

More November Miscellany

In no particular order:

Hanging out with a friend when I was floating around in November gave me a chance to have a girls night in–watching Sherlock and painting our nails. Mine were five different colors (one per nail), pink through dark red, with clear gold glitter overcoat. Yeah, baby. Sparkly umbre.

The Midwest is still green in mid-November. WTF? Some trees are even budding again. Poor things; they’ll fall off with the first freeze. The rest of this week will be in the low 20s, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

I realized as I set up my Freya altar last night that She wanted different things on it. Now it has dark colors and the Odin altar is right next to it. I have to admit that they do look good together. (Of course, that could be because my current image of Him is the one I call the “Fabi-Odin”, because he’s fabulous like Fabio.) I think this phase of my development will put me in contact with a different side of Her. Something older, more primal and autumn-ish, possibly focused on ancestors and such. Maybe seidh stuff; definitely rune stuff. Less with the gold glowiness, hearts, and lovelovelove! side of my Lady that I had been getting so much of this past year.

My cat, the one who braved the cross-country trip with me, was quite a trooper. Relatively little meowing and no accidents, either in the car or in the hotel rooms. What a good boy! Though now he’s in hiding from my parents’ two dogs, poor guy. I find it amusing that the cat I ended up taking with me on this dark side of the year descent is named in honor of one of the Egyptian gods of the underworld, Anubis. (That’s “Noobie”, to his friends.)

I’ve been fighting off a head cold since I landed in my hometown last week. Colds are annoying enough to begin with, but when I’m sick, my mood can go from moderately optimistic to existentialist in five minutes flat (*hack* “What does it all mean, really?” *cough*). Bah.

Had some interesting stuff come up with Ullr and Odin right before I left town. Will post more about it later. Suffice it to say that Ullr’s out and about more than I had realized, and apparently He’s more than just the god of hunting on skis.

You know you’re a Heathen if…

I say, “Remember that scene in in The 13th Warrior? You know, “Lo! There do I….” and you can finish the entire quote (cracking up or tearing up while doing so still counts). For you, I give you this. Happy Wednesday.

“Lo, there do I see my father

Lo, there do I see my mother

and my sisters and my brothers

Lo, there do I see the line of my people

back to the beginning.

Lo, they do call to me

They bid me take my place among them.

In the halls of Valhalla,

where the brave shall live forever.”

(No, it’s not historically accurate, but it’s perfect.)

Scythian “Golden Woman” burial

“Reconstruction shows how ancient Scythian ‘Princess’ discovered in Kazakhstan looked like”

This has nothing to do with Freya or Heathenry and everything to do with GOLD. I couldn’t stop looking. It’s mind boggling. Gods, I love archaeology.

Scythian princess Scythian headdress ram-griffin plaques combgolden wolf fang

A Scythian “Golden princess”, circa 400-500-BCE. That last photo says this: “The sleeves of the garment were adorned with wolf fangs in gold trim.” Yes, you read that right. Wolf fangs–wrapped in gold. You’re welcome.