A Heathen at Disney World

My trip to Disney a few weeks ago was eye opening. I ate too much, drank too much, and was way too hot (92F and humid every day!)  But I did have fun despite of it. One of my favorite parts of the trip (unsurprisingly) was visiting Norway at Epcot Center. I hadn’t realized that Disney had put so much effort into the authenticity of their “country” areas at the World Showcase. Needless to say, I was surprised to find a small, authentic wooden stave church (shipped directly from Norway) as well as an homage to many of our Norse Gods. Here is what Disney World has waiting for us Heathens at Epcot:


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The Lay of Thrym (or, That One Time When Thor Was a Drag Queen)

Easily one of my favorite myths. Freya’s fury; Thor in drag; Loki as Thor’s wrangler. Hilarity ensues.

I originally tried to find an good modern retelling of this myth, but they were all “off” somehow–either Freya willing went with Thor and Loki; or Loki was portrayed as evil; or Thor whined and pouted the whole time. I went back to the source text itself (or an English translation thereof), and found that the original was so much better than these retellings, it would be a crying shame not to use it.

The Lay of Thrym

The Hurler woke, went wild with rage,
For, suddenly, he missed his sacred Hammer:
He tore his beard, tossed his red locks,
Groped about but could grasp nothing.
Thus, then did Thor speak: ‘Loki, Loki, listen well.
Unmarked by men, unmarked by gods,
Someone has stolen my sacred Hammer!’

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