The Facets of Freya Ritual

“Facets of Freya” ritual (Full script)
PantheaCon 2015
Freyja’s Aett

File: Facets of Freya ritual, official PCon 2015 version
–Cleanse space thoroughly
–Set up five thrones (one for each facet); tissues nearby
–Set up table for Freya’s Altar between the doors
–Prepare tokens to hand out at door
–Prepare cleansing water w/ rosemary

Freyja’s Aett Priestesses: Cara Freyasdaughter, Bella Crow, Meredith Himmel, Freybjorg, and Ember Cooke (EmberVoices: Listening to the Vanir)
Head warder: Dee; Other warders: Nightshade, John, Fawnn (Bella)

Ember sings the Vanaheim Summoning Song as people come in;
Freybjorg and Bella hand out tokens and welcome people to Vanaheim.

–Once everyone is in and Ember finishes, we close the doors

*    *    *    *
Dee Rings the Bells

Cara gives Welcome; Dee cleanses audience with rosemary and water while Cara is speaking:

Hello, and welcome to the Facets of Freya ritual! My name is Cara Freyasdaughter, and behind me are the lovely Freyaswomen who are members of Freya’s Aett.

Freya is a complex, ancient, and powerful Goddess. Today we get the honor of sharing with you our knowledge and personal experience with Her in her many facets—the Chooser of the Slain; Freya the Sovereign; Freya the Attractor; Freya of Desire; and the Freya who Loves us all. Freya has more facets, but these are Her main ones.

A “facet” of Freya is a part of Freya. It’s as if we took a prism and held it up to Freya’s energy. All of the individual colors that appear through the prism are the facets that make up Freya.

We will start out this evening by setting up a sacred space in a Heathen way, by calling upon the Four Dwarves of Norse cosmology who hold up the edges of the world. Then I will take us on a guided meditation through Vanaheim to Freya’s Hall. Once at Her hall, the other Freya priestesses and I will come forward to invoke a specific facet of Freya, explain what her facet represents, and retire to our thrones. Then you will have a chance to go up to and speak with any Facet of your choice, to ask a blessing from Her, to honor Her, to just interact with her energy. You may also spend some time at her altar. (gesture)

Afterwards, everyone will return to their seats, and we will lead a short blot (kind of like a round of toasts) to honor Freya and to thank her for her gifts before coming back to Midgard and closing the ritual.

Meredith calls the Dwarves:

Nordri and Sudri, Austri and Vestri
Dwarves in all directions dwelling
Honored ones, the earth upholding
Ward us as we work our magic

Dee Rings the Bells

Cara leads guided meditation:

Today we will be visiting Vanaheim, the original home of the Vanir gods. Though Freya, Freyr, and Njord were given to Asgard as hostages to help end the Aesir/Vanir war, they each still maintain a hall in Vanaheim.

Sink down and relax.
Breathe in and out,
In and out.
Imagine that you are sinking your roots
deep into the earth,
to where the mountains have their roots.
Draw some of that earthy,
grounded energy back up into you.
Then, reach up into the starry night sky,
and draw down the light from those stars
Into you as well.
Blend these two energies within yourself and
Feel yourself grounded and centered.

Imagine that you look down
and see yourself standing in a wide, flat, grassy plain.
The plain is in Vanaheim.

Here in Vanaheim,
the air feels warm and moist.
The ground is covered with soft, green grass,
ferns fully-extended,
and bright and fragrant flowers of many kinds.

Around the edges of the field,
we see the beginning of a lush mixed forest,
pine trees, redwoods, oak trees, and birch,
all strong and healthy.
A clear, dirt path winds its way
across this field and into the forest.
We walk across the field to the forest.

Soon after we enter the trees,
We notice that the path diverges.
To the left,  we see a fork winding toward Noatun,
the home of Freya’s father, Njord.
Though there are many trees
between here and there,
we can almost catch the scent of salt in the air
and hear the screeching calls of the seagulls.

We pause here for a moment to honor Njord,
and then we continue on our way.

As we walk further into the forest,
we see another fork in the road.
This fork veers to the right.
Down that road, the path looks differently paved
and lined with beautifully carved sandstone bricks.
This path looks clear and majestic;
and around the path we see groves of fruit and nut trees,
interspersed with fields of ripe, golden grain.
Down this path lies the hall that Freyr,
Freya’s twin brother, owns.

We pause again for a moment, to honor Freyr
and we continue on.

Finally the forest opens up
and we see a grand wooden Hall
in the middle of a wide clearing.
It is surrounded by fields of golden grain,
lush orchards,
and what looks to be large, open pens
of sows and piglets grazing and sleeping nearby.
Around the Hall
a vibrant, colorful garden grows,
with flowers in full bloom.
This is Freya’s field, Folkvang,
and her hall, Sessrumnir.
We walk up to the door of the Hall
to wait for Freya to appear.


We have arrived at Freya’s Hall.
Breathe in and out, in and out,
and open your eyes.
You may stretch if you wish,
but please stay at your seats
as we call the Facets of Freya.

*    *    *    *
Dee Rings the Bells

Each priestess in her turn move to the center of the space to start and to finish her part, and cue Dee before moving to her respective corner. Dee will lead the attendees to “Hail, Freya!”, after each invocation, and after each monologue.

1: Ember, 2: Freybjorg, 3: Meredith, 4: Bella, 5: Cara

1: Ember/Vanadis
Hail Freya, Queen of the Vanir
Sovereign of Vanaheim with Veraldrgodh Freyr
Priestess of the Sacrifice, Protector of the people,
Lady of Boundaries and Love!

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

I am the Vanadis, Queen of a proud and wise people.

It was the Vanir who fought the mighty Aesir to a standstill.
It was the Vanir who brought frith with the bright Alfar, the crafty Duergar, and even the mighty Jotnar.
It was the Vanir who were ordained as Priests and Priestess of the Sacrifice in Asgard.
It was the Vanir who taught the Wanderer Seidh magic.
It is the Vanir who are hailed throughout the nine worlds as wise, even among the gods.

It is the Vanir I serve as Queen.

It is my calling to serve those who uphold me.
It is my obligation to guide my people along their paths.
It is my duty to protect my people from harm.
It is my privilege to represent my people to those who seek us.
It is my joy to watch my people grow and thrive.

It is also my role to model right relationships with my people,
with the spirits of the land that sustains us;
with outsiders whose ways may be strange;
and with Mysteries beyond understanding.

But above all, I must model right relationship with myself.

That means I must uphold my own boundaries, just as I respect the boundaries of others.

For I can serve no others if I am not whole.
I can counsel no others if I am myself confused.
I can heal no others if I am myself injured.
I can defend no others if I am myself fallen.
I can love no others if I am myself despairing.

I am a goddess yes, but I am neither infallible nor omnipotent.
Even the mighty gods can fall.

So in the end, I must model forgiveness for myself, and for others.
For without forgiveness, there is little room for love.

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

2: Freybjorg/Brisingamen
Hail Freya, Bearer of the Brisingamen
Who Cries Tears of Amber and Gold
Fertile Mother, Lustful Lover
Lady of Beauty and Love

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

I am Freyja, Wearer of the ‘Shining Necklace’ of the Brisings… the most beautiful necklace of all, made for me, Freyja the Fair.  I spied ‘the Shining One’ and knew Her to be Mine. We are One.

Writhing gold and stunning gems, wrought and forged with the finest craftsmanship by the four master dwarves: Dvalinn, Alfrik, Berling, and Grer.

Much did I give that all would marvel and none could rival… that the four wise ones who forged Her would realize She was Mine.  One night of healing for each of those deformed creatures with my own special love — a gift far more valuable and precious than all of the silver and gold of the Gods.

Giants risk everything for my hand in marriage.  But I refuse, indignantly and with a rage.  When I am angered, all the gold in my Brisings’ Choker, all the gold in my hall and in my brooches and in the threads of my dress, shake, and shatter with rage.  Yet no matter the moments of my despair or the strength of my emotion, all is beautiful and Love reigns.

I cry tears of gold as I search longingly for my husband Odr, or when I am disappointed, or when the air is frozen brisk.  When my tears touch the salt of the sea, they turn to amber, another exquisite reminder of my Beauty and Love.

I am Mother to the loveliest of daughters: Hnoss and Gersemi, whose names mean Precious Jewel and Priceless Ornament.  I am the Daughter of Njordr and his sister is my Mother.  My Beautiful Brother Freyr and I are very close.

I am an attractor, a connector.  I rejoice in the physical as well as the heart, the joy of that which can be seen and touched.  And yet I shine so bright that only a few can see me as I really am.  I draw others in, yet honor my own boundaries.

You may call on me for matters of love, relationships, sexuality, and fertility.  Just be specific and clear what you are asking for and your boundaries, for I may give you more than you expected.

Your love is beautiful.  Your face is beautiful.  Your body is beautiful.  Your emotions are beautiful.  Your sexuality is beautiful.  Let me be an inspiration to the Allure in you.  Look at yourself in the mirror and see the beauty within.  Then let your Splendor shine forth that others may see you as I see you.

I am Freya, Goddess of Beauty and Love.  Come to Me.

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

3: Meredith/Chooser of the Slain
Hail, Freyja! Goddess of War,
Chooser of the Slain, Guardian of Warriors,
Shield-Maiden, Defender and Paladin,
Lady of Valor and Love.

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

Hail, You Seeker!  Hail the Guest in the Hall,
come late and weary to Sessumnir.
Come, be welcome and sit by my side,
and I will teach you the mysteries of my love.

Drink deep of golden mead and hearty ale;
of meat and bread and fruit, eat your fill,
for tomorrow to battle we must away.
Falcon-winged over Folkvangr’s fields I fly.

Even mighty Odin does well fear my power;
thrice I was burned, and thrice I rose again from the ashes,
laughing and unmarred by flame.
Thus does Odin grant me the first choice of all worthy battle-slain,
to feast in my halls until Ragnarok come.

On Golden Boar I ride across fields of War,
for who can love these more than I?
And what then would I not do for you, my Beloved,
You who make my belly heat and skin burn with desire?

As fierce She-Wolf defends even unto the last breath,
so stand I before you against all foes.
Fear neither man nor beast, nor pain nor death.
for at the end of all things, there shall I wait for you.

Therefore –
Worship me with fire, for I am the darkness that makes the candle burn brighter;
Worship me with blood, for I am the pain that makes pleasure sharper;
Worship me with flesh, for I am the strife that quickens body and mind.
Worship me with joy and in sorrow, for I am the bitterness which makes sweetness sweeter,
and the sacrifice which makes that which you hold more dear.

Who among you has felt alone or bereft?
Who has not felt the bite of loss, or the sting of defeat?
Do not despair, for I am with you always.
Call upon me when your need is most dire, and I shall be at your side.
When will breaks and strength fails, I shall bear you up;
I shall bestow upon you my power and might, and bless you with valor and love.

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!
4: Bella/Desire
Hail Freyja, Lady of Desire,
She who is the embodiment of hunger
Lustful lady who incites your passions
Lady of Sex and Love

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

I am Freyja, you come to me in your desire for love
You seek me in your need for connection
You ask for my help in finding a lover

But, are you clear, really clear about what you want?
You seek love, but what kind?
You seek desire, but do you want to desire or to be desired?

I will give you what you ask, but it is up to you to ask the right question.

Because Uncensored desire is not for most people
So I task you with managing your desires and yearnings,
so you’ll know better what you actually want.
Or do you really want to be drowned in your own need?

I am not responsible for your consequences
it is up to you to know your boundaries and your limits
so I can give you what you ask
But be careful what you wish for

Because desire that is obsessive and takes you over is still desire
You can burn with it, and it may never be requited
if you don’t actually ask to be desired back

Because love that turns possessive and dark is still love
Just because it twists inside you into a different shape
doesn’t mean it’s not from the same source

Because sex can do more than you know
and ecstasy can be both healing and addictive

While passion can both push lives together and blow your life apart

So come to me and ask because I am happy to give
But it is up to you to make the shape of it into something survivable,
something healthy, something fruitful

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

5: Cara/Self-Love
Hail Freya, Generous Giver
, Who helps us to honor ourselves
, Confidence-inspirer, value-reminder, 
Lady of self-worth and self-love!

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

I am Freya, called Gefn, the giver. When called upon, I help increase
 happiness, prosperity, and all good things. In order to be this generous giver, however, I must first value and honor myself. I know I myself am the greatest gift that I have to give. I have given Myself to Myself first–I am, in fact, both the gift and the giver.
 I must show love and respect to myself first, so that I can give love and 
inspiration to others as well.

If you have felt unloved or not valuable, come to me.

One of my greatest
 gifts is to show you how I see you. You too are a valuable gift, full of
beauty and love, though you may have forgotten this. You just need to be
reminded. When you choose to love yourself as much as I already love you, you will have more than enough love to give to the world.

Others may try to steal your intrinsic value. If they seek to diminish
 you, take back the gift you have given them. Remember—you
 are the gift: given to yourself first, honoring yourself first, and loving
 yourself first. You get to decide whom to share yourself with. If 
those with whom you share yourself do not value you back—let them go, and do not look back.

This is the price of honoring yourself. If you truly do value yourself,
 you cannot let others take that value from you. If they try, you must let them go. This decision may be hard, but it is the only real decision you have to make. Will you honor yourself? Or will you let others take that
value from you? Once that decision is made, you must stick with it.

Honor and defend yourself the way I honor you. Cherish and nurture
 yourself the way I cherish you. Love yourself the way I already love you. 
And then you can share your love with the world.

Dee: Hail Freya!
All: Hail Freya!

*    *    *    *
Dee rings the bells, and then gives the Rules of Engagement while the Freyas take another minute or two to get situated
1: Call on the Lady as “Freyja”, and not by the name of Her priestesses.
2: Approach Freyja respectfully, from the front, when invited to do so. Do not startle her by approaching from the side or behind, nor interrupt.
3: Do not touch Her, except as invited to do so.
4: Above all, Do not throw off the Lady’s groove.

Dee starts the background music

–People talk with the Freyas for a half an hour or so

*    *    *    *
Dee: Cuts the background music, and rings the bells to call everyone back to their seats

–Ember: Explains what a blot is and teaches the song to sing during the blot. (We chose the “Freya” section of Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle’s “Frey and Freya” chant, from their album “Songs for the Strengthening Sun”. The chant: Hail to Freya, beauty of the North/Seer of the hidden realms within/Whose golden braids entwine the hearts of lovers/Be welcome, lusty queen of wild things.”)

Cara, Bella, Freybjorg, and Meredith each take a drinking horn to the people in one quarter of the room, walking clockwise, starting from the left end of their respective quarter.

*    *    *    *
Dee Rings the Bells

Cara: guides the audience back to where we started.

*    *    *    *
Dee Rings the Bells

Each Priestess: Briefly thanks her facet of Freya for attending and giving us her strength, wisdom, and blessings:

Ember: Hail Freya, Queen of the Vanir! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Freybjorg: Hail Freya, Bearer of Brisingamen! Thank you for your blessings and guidance!
Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Meredith: Hail Freya, Goddess of War! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Bella: Hail Freya, Lady of Desire! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!
Cara: Hail Freya, Generous Giver! Thank you for your blessings and guidance! Hail and farewell!
Dee: Hail Freya!     All: Hail Freya!

–Meredith: recalls the dwarves

*    *    *    *
–Dee Rings the Bells one last time

THE END. Thanks for coming, folks!

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