Vanadis, by Heather Freysdottir


I am the Witch and the Warrior.
I am the Mother of the Matronae.
I am Love and Lust, but
I am more than your fantasies.

My hall is home to your mothers, sisters, friends.
My beauty is renowned throughout the Nine Worlds
My wrath is to be feared.
I was not given jewels, for I am the Jewel.

I have made my own way.
I am owned by no Man or Woman save for Myself.
Would you know Me?
Would you step into the fire of the Jewel?

Then know Yourself. For I would have
You know Yourself in all Your beauty and Your passions.
That You may rule them instead of them ruling you.
I want you to seethe and see Yourself.

Come to Me in love and trust.
Come to Me in anger and rage.
Come to Me as you are, as you may be,
as You will be, because
I am the Queen of Wild Things, and
I would not see you be tame.

–by Heather Freysdottir

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