The Gods are subtle…

So, my sister and I have been tossing around the idea of going to Scandinavia this summer. We have the same genetics, but she doesn’t walk the Heathen path at all; but oddly enough, she’s the one who brought it up. And with money being tight, I have been pretty ambivalent, honestly. So last night I finally sat down and journeyed, and I asked my Gods about it. Odin: “How does this help you achieve your end goal?” Freya: “Well, okay, but then you’ll get to see how they live over there.” (She didn’t make this sound like a good thing. Something about me getting “hooked” to something if I go.) Then Odin again: “FIND ME!” Oi.

So I’ve been researching Norway and Sweden on and off all day, trying to figure out where to go, how to get there, transportation and lodging options, etc. As my parents and I settled down to some horrible Christmas movies after dinner, my mom flipped through the channels during commercials, as she always does. We ended up on landing on a show with a long-bearded Viking-looking dude, complete with A-Frame tent in the background, being interviewed by some traveler guy about the Norse Gods. Turns out the show is called, “Great Train Trips Across Europe” or some such equally descriptive program name. This episode? On why everyone should visit Norway. The show ended with a long shot of the travel guy saying, “This is why you need to visit Norway.” He practically waggled his eyebrows at the camera and gave us all a chance to grab our pencils and make a note of it. I kid you not. So I turned to my mother, as you do, and explained, yet again, that my Gods are not subtle.

She just rolled her eyes. Not so much impressed with messages from the Gods, is my mother.

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