Update August 2015

I know my posts have been kind of scarce the last month or two, so I thought I’d post a brief update:

I’m back in the Midwest after a 2-week visit to the Bay Area. I was unable to attend Many Gods West, but luckily Ember from EmberVoices was able to attend and present her Freya Intensive workshop, so Freya was well and duly represented. Ember brought with her the Love Notes from Freya (and a few from Freyr and Odin) that the Vanic Conspiracy channeled the week prior. From all reports, her Intensive went very well. Most of my friends who  presented at MGW (including River Devora, Rynn Fox, Jason Mankey, Michael from Heathen Chinese, and the Coru Cathubodua folks) report that the presentations, papers, and rituals went well, and much camaraderie seems to have been fostered among a disparate group of polytheists. I was sad to miss it, but the Gods had been very vocal and unsubtle the week prior and made their messages to me quite clear. (It was actually a bit of a relief to go off into the Redwoods for some camping and social time afterwards instead.)

Next up on my plate is my next article for Patheos’ Agora column, which will be about my path to Devotional Polytheism and will go up sometime this Friday. Immediately after I get that proofread and up, I’ll have time to get the first class in my planned “Runes and Lore” series started in my hometown. The “Runes and Lore” series will be probably end up being run through our local CUUPs chapter. It sound like it will have a much wider audience than expected, as there’s not been a Heathen group here for many years (if ever). We already have people who are coming at it from the academic/history angle, the divination angle, the reconstructionist angle, the polytheist angle, and those folks who are just interested in learning about modern Pagan options other than Wicca. I’m hoping that through this class we’ll find a few more people dedicated to Heathenry and we can put together a working ritual group of some kind, but who knows. We’ll see how it goes. Luckily the boyfriend has already been a great support for me in all of my Heathen and pagan endeavors. It’s almost like the Gods had a larger plan in matching us up.

And so, my schedule is packed. But who is surprised? 😉

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