Freyr Stamp

Thoughts from my work with Freyr this evening:

  • Freyr is generous.
  • Freyr understands sacrifice–whether to do it; what kind is needed; how to prepare for it; how to do it; how to gracefully accept that which has been sacrificed; and how to heal up and live without it.
  • Freyr does not care about how much a thing costs. He does not appreciate an extravagant meal any more than he appreciates a simple one, as long as it has been offered to him with intent. (So different from Freya! Freya will appreciate any gift, true–but she does notice and encourage high quality and poshness whenever possible. Goddess of gold, after all.)
  • Freyr has absolute confidence in his ownership of a given thing. Complete and utter confidence. Unshakeable. Like, the thought that he would ever lose stewardship of something or someone once he has staked is claim does not appear to occur to him, possibly ever. (Maybe because he is a god of kingship??)
  • Freyr is at one with the cycles of nature, and as such can be either calm and patient or dramatic and forceful, according to the land’s needs. (Unlike me, who, with my SAD and general  dislike of change, has been at odds with the seasons for decades now.)
  • And Freyr is not so much with the verbal, which once I got used to it, is totally fine by me. He’s possibly the least likely deity to try to trick someone by catching them in a terminology trap of some kind (unlike, say, Hermes or Odin). And that’s a relief. I’ve always been more of a “big concept” kind of girl.
  • He’s also really earthy, which again is cool. And He feels very much like most of the Freyrspeople I’ve ever run into, young or old, male or female–just moreso.
  • Oh, yeah, and I’m claimed by Him–like, eons ago, apparently. As if I was supposed to know this.

And I’ve been given the rough draft of a tattoo, likely for dedication purposes. I’m pretty sure it’s already been applied on spiritual body, though (long story). And given the location on my body that it got applied, I’ve taken to calling it my Freyr Stamp.

*sigh* Fertility gods. Whatcha gonna do? GO TEAM VANIR.

16 thoughts on “Freyr Stamp

    • Yeah. He’s definitely a good guy, which I have known for years. (I’ve always felt immediately comfortable with Freyrspeople, as well.) He’s like my black cat–he just wants to loooove, all up in your face, all of the time. Is that so bad? 🙂

      • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ He is the only male Deity (with a connection to sexuality and fertility) that does not feel menacing in His masculinity to me. It's strange, I don't know why.

      • Nods. He’s always felt much “softer” to me, for lack of a better word, though no less powerful. Maybe it’s his ergi side something through, or his relationship with Freya.

  1. It took me forEVER to warm up to Frey because He kept showing me His stern face. In the last few months, I had a lightbulb moment of *getting* where His joy comes from and He came by, SO happy! Seriously my biggest problem with any deity ever is forgetting that the core of Them is Love. Deities aren’t wrathful, They ain’t gonna smite me.
    Frey is pretty quiet, possibly because I am so in gaga love with Freyja right now but I’m glad He’s lurking because He gives excellent advice.

  2. And the ithyphallic gods stamp again! Ahem. I can’t even imagine what being told you’re claimed like that would be like, hopefully not something that was overly traumatic.

    • Yeah, there was some definite angst and “Freya! What the hell?!” and talking to some Freyrsgythias I know. Essentially, it was a perfect storm of things happening (and not happening in a timely manner) and Freyr being, well, His SubtleFreyr self. But it’s done. I’ve just always uncomfortable with male deities being all up in my shit. But if it has to be a god, Freyr is a good one to get 🙂

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