Radiomancy (When in doubt, ask the radio)

I’ve heard for years from fellow pagans who swear that the radio offers them up very specific and often snarky answers to whatever problem they are currently struggling with. Back when I used to listen to the radio, I found this to be true as well. However, I *hate* listening to the radio; announcers and commercials and endlessly repeated songs and none of my favorite music being played turned me off of it years ago. I love music, though–I sing constantly, quote lyrics, and usually have a random song going through my head at any given moment of the day. The Radio in my Head is the closest I’ve had to radiomancy up until recently, and really, despite the amount of music in my iTunes, it’s really pretty limited material to draw from.

But now that I’ve Come Back Online, as my fellow (highly relieved) priestesses keep telling me, I’m trying to open myself back up to things like Meaningful Dreams and Radiomancy, the kind of stuff that I had kind of fallen out of practice with.

And, as with everything involving the Hellenic or Nordic Gods, the response is immediate and snarky.

Case in point:

I was bemoaning (in my head) how I was supposed to go about managing working with both Freya and Zeus. They are very different deities coming from very different pantheons, and are both extremely powerful and dominant personalities. Personally, I’ve always felt more comfortable with women in power (yay Freya!) and Zeus is, well, patriarchy personified (though I’ve since come to find that he’s not nearly as much of a boor as I head feared). As this was going through my head while driving on the highway, I suddenly decided that I was sick of all of the CDs in my car and the playlists on my phone. Looking for something new and different (while driving, mind you; so it had to be quick and easy to find), I thought I’d give iTunes Radio one last try. It’s never worked out for me in the past, but I was desperate. Hmm, what channel? Well, I’m sick of the 80s, not in the mood for 70s, 60s, or 50s; might as well trying the 90s station. I clicked through the first song (a rap song) and landed on a Counting Crows song that I vaguely remembered.

The song? Goes like this:

“I belong in the service of the Queen

I belong anywhere but in between

She’s been crying and I’ve been thinking

And I am the Rain King.”

Service of the Queen? I am, in fact, in service of The Queen.

I don’t belong in-between? Yes! Someone who understands.

“I am the Rain King”? Throw any lightning bolts recently, Zeus? 🙂 I appreciate you paying attention to my troubles and acknowledging that my Lady is my primary. (Though, apparently, you guys might have a deeper and more complex relationship than I had originally assumed.) Really, he’s turned out to be a lot more of the involved fatherly type than I had ever expected. I guess he has the potential to balance out Freya’s immense influence in my life pretty well.

I shouldn’t complain, I guess. Lots of pagans don’t get that kind of direct and immediate response from their Goddess or deities or whatever. But me, this is why I chose Paganism–direct interaction with deity! Woot! (And since I was otherwise considering being a monk, and I’m not of the right gender nor actually interested in being celibate, that wouldn’t have worked out.)

It’s just so weird hearing the words of Zeus set to a Counting Crows song. But it was while I was on the highway, which, for whatever reason, is his favorite time to contact me.

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